Thursday, December 09, 2010

Katowice Railway Station

Some of you might wonder why I keep going back to Katowice Railway Station.
Well. below's an explanation - by someone else:

The Plastic Fork of Katowice

"Brute from Katowice
They call me Brute from Katowice. At first sight I seem to be rough and unpleasant, but I have a soul of a poet. My days are numbered – I’m waiting for execution of death sentence. Unfortunately people didn’t appreciate me. I’m a railway station…

I was born in Katowice, Poland on the 4th of December, 1971. Then I was considered to be the most progressive railway station in the country. Unfortunately many people keep reminding me of the fact that it was the time of PRL (Polish People's Republic) and try to put stereotypical opinions into others head, for example such a drivel like I am a socialist building! That’s not true! I am a work of a late modernism, an example of Brutalism. I add immodestly that I am regarded as a masterpiece and rarity of architecture. There is no other like me in Poland and I have only a few brothers all over the world, but they weren’t built with such a flourish. I had a few fathers - Three Tigers – the famous Warsaw architects Waclaw Klyszewski, Jerzy Mokrzynski and Eugeniusz Wierzbicki, and I also owe a lot of genius engineer Waclaw Zalewski. Secretly my father is Felix Candela, who invented the mushroom alias umbrella structure. Among my forefathers is also the largest of the great - Le Corbusier, who gave the ground for Brutalism. This is after him I have a rough skin – texture of a bare concrete. For a while I'm gone. Nothing lasts forever; even a stone can turn to fluff. But maybe you mention me sometimes..."

So this is why I keep going back. If you want to go too, I must warn you it's too late. They are improving the place beyond repair, but with a much higher Return on Investment.

I have my own photos, but here are hers first.

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