Saturday, December 24, 2005

Away for a week+

We'll spend the holidays in Belgium on Val's barge in Brussels.
No telephone connection on board there, so a whole week without blogging, I'm afraid.
Nevertheless, keep 'm coming and I am looking forward to our contacts in 2006.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kasper plays

Some years ago Kasper Fernhout wrote a piece for piano, organ, guitar and violins, a combination that was hard to make heard live or even to record. The project was part of a composition course.
He recently discovered GarageBand on my Mac, and realised that this was his chance to actually do it.
Mind you, even the classical guitar is played through the keyboard.
I think he has done a very impressive work here.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Music To Cook By?

Dear Friends,
Perhaps there is a special 'blogiquette' that specifies where to put which comments, but they forgot to inform me about it.
So here's what I'll do until corrected by the blogpolice ;-)
- comments on my pages get return comments on these same pages, or a new post on my blogpage;
- my comments on others takes place on their pages.
Meanwhile I'll make another list of links, this time of other bloggers' musical work, there is beautiful music out there.

I'm terribly honoured by your wonderful comments, they are very important to me.

Something else: no comment does not mean no appreciation; for example today I came across one of my neighbours who says he has been regularly playing my music while cooking. However no message about that on my blog...

Lots of love

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dutch barges in West London

This link takes you away from these blog pages to my FlickR album about Dutch barges in West London.

Monday, December 12, 2005

My music for you, my friends

"Tell me what music you make and I'll tell you who you are".
Here an attempt to 'tell who I am'.
I built nine tunes, using Garage Band, added to which my son Kasper's Piano Skills and my own self-taught keyboard 'skills'.
My objective was to make enjoyable sounds. And I do enjoy them!

If you click on one of the links below, you might be inspired to download the rest of the MP3s as well. I don't mind, on the contrary, your enjoyment makes me all the happier.
Right-Click (Windows) or Control-Click (Mac) to download to disk.

Ittre 3.9Mb, inspired by a high-tech lift-lock for barges in Belgium
Million Dollar Hammond 2,5Mb
Theme From Lanklaar 2,1Mb
Theme From Voilille 3,2Mb
Nordic Lille 1,7Mb
Vaartdyk Jig 4,7Mb, Val's favourite
Laakhaven Theme 1,4Mb
Liftlock 1,3Mb
Chris's Song 1,5Mb

Please leave comments about what you hear, they're most welcome!

Amazing Winter Light

A few miles south of Brussels, just across the Language Border (from there on they understand French only) is a small colony of live-aboard barges. However, they are not the subject of these photos, but the light sure is!
See for yourself.
Perhaps someone can advise me about putting proper captions under the pics?

Friday, December 09, 2005

"Tell me what music etc"

See the post "My music for you, my friends"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Where do we find the photos of the Basement Jam?

Several bloggers have published pictures of the Basement Jam. We don't want to miss any of those pictures, do we?
That is why here is a beginning of a list of blogsites with pictures.
Please feel free to correct me and provide me with additional information.
Until the 14th of December I intend to update this list, except during the week-end.

Note: on some pages you need to scroll down.

Koos F's blogspot
Neilbymouth's blogspot
Haribomort's blogspot
Mark T's blogspot
Marietta's blogspot
Theboywhoheardtownshend's blogspot
Steve's blogspot
Stockton Central's blogspot
Kenny F's blogspot (Keep scrolling down, there's more than the initial 5 pictures)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Basement Jam

Hi all,

Came home late last night (Mon, Dec 5th) from London, England.
Busy day today, but the least I can do is share a few images with you.
And a brief description of the event: FABULOUS.

Pre-gig get-together in the Ailsa Tavern