Monday, December 12, 2005

My music for you, my friends

"Tell me what music you make and I'll tell you who you are".
Here an attempt to 'tell who I am'.
I built nine tunes, using Garage Band, added to which my son Kasper's Piano Skills and my own self-taught keyboard 'skills'.
My objective was to make enjoyable sounds. And I do enjoy them!

If you click on one of the links below, you might be inspired to download the rest of the MP3s as well. I don't mind, on the contrary, your enjoyment makes me all the happier.
Right-Click (Windows) or Control-Click (Mac) to download to disk.

Ittre 3.9Mb, inspired by a high-tech lift-lock for barges in Belgium
Million Dollar Hammond 2,5Mb
Theme From Lanklaar 2,1Mb
Theme From Voilille 3,2Mb
Nordic Lille 1,7Mb
Vaartdyk Jig 4,7Mb, Val's favourite
Laakhaven Theme 1,4Mb
Liftlock 1,3Mb
Chris's Song 1,5Mb

Please leave comments about what you hear, they're most welcome!


neilbymouth said...

these are great pieces koos, very well done my friend

Koos F said...

Was it Bob Pridden who said many people now have a better studio in the toilet than they (the Who) had for serious recording at that time?
Largely true, you don't even need a Mac any more (but I still prefer this brand as the screenhot shows).
Thanks for the compliment Neil!


PS Can't blame you for ogling at guitars, 'cos I do the same.

PTfan said...

Hey Koos, I have seen your name on various blog sites for some time and have finally managed to come around and visit you. I just randomly chose Laakhaven Theme to listen to just now and I find it invigorating! IT is so neat and tidy. I like how it ends just as it starts. Nice and organized but fun and energetic. I think I'll give the others a listen as well.

Thanks for sharing the tunes and thanks for sharing the photos as well!!!

Koos F said...

Thanks PTFan,

Your comment makes my day!
Don't hesitate to explore the other numbers, all of them instrumentals.
They're all equally dear to me, but the Ittre tune gets the number 1 spot for being the most impressive, if I do say so myself...;-)

I have added the file sizes, just in case download time is an issue.

Debby C said...

Loved the music Koos!

Marietta said...

Hey Koos,

Great stuff!
I listened to all of it, it's very uplifting, happy, sweet and sensitive and"interesting" LOL!

I hope you'll have a great New Year and WHO knows? We'll probably meet again in one of the 'Oo's gigs!


andrewq said...

Hi koos,

thanks for your visit and comments on my "blog" (although my inattentiveness to it makes that label somewhat inappropriate). I'm probably more of a performer than a musician, if you know what I mean.

So, I've listened to a few of your Garageband tracks already, and I'm just amazed. They're great! Even with the relative ease with which GB puts all those sounds and instruments at your disposal, it still takes a good creative touch, a musician, to put them together in such pleasing ways. I truly am quite taken aback by how good they are. At the same time I'm ashamed I haven't got further with it myself.

Can you tell me how much of the sounds are Apple loops, and how much are your own keyboard input? There don't seem to be many loops used - or at least not that I recognize. How did you start off on each? I'd like to understand your process more.


I'll be back here. Enjoy the rest of your blog too - the pictures and stories of your travels, and barges, etc. are fascinating.


Michael said...

What great tunes Koos. I finally got the Ableton and havent figured it out yet. I love the Hammond song....michael :)

Anonymous said...


I got a chance to listen to your mp3's you did. Very cool! With my rock band, we obviously do things differently in that we jam out my guitar or piano-driven songs and work them out for our live performances.

But from a recording demo standpoint of things, I've wanted to experiment more on the orchestral side of things. And this Garageband software and other types of software does give you the ability to some very cool things.

The question remains -- how to incorporate my future Garageband demos into the band. Or do I create something completely separate?