Sunday, December 18, 2005

Music To Cook By?

Dear Friends,
Perhaps there is a special 'blogiquette' that specifies where to put which comments, but they forgot to inform me about it.
So here's what I'll do until corrected by the blogpolice ;-)
- comments on my pages get return comments on these same pages, or a new post on my blogpage;
- my comments on others takes place on their pages.
Meanwhile I'll make another list of links, this time of other bloggers' musical work, there is beautiful music out there.

I'm terribly honoured by your wonderful comments, they are very important to me.

Something else: no comment does not mean no appreciation; for example today I came across one of my neighbours who says he has been regularly playing my music while cooking. However no message about that on my blog...

Lots of love


Gary said...

Mr. Koos

I repaired my broken links to my songs..

Thanks for your interest in my stuff.

Merry Christmas

Koos F said...

Basically I am terribly lazy, sometimes.
Wouldn't it be great to have one central spot where the Pete/Rachel/Mikey/Simon/etc crowd could post their music (or even video, so the ballerinagurls of this wurld can post as well)?