Friday, April 27, 2007

A pic of Sindy and a song by Pete... for Grace

Blogger Grace told me she was inspired by me to do new things with her blog.
She loves dogs and The Who.
That in turn inspired me to publish this picture of our dog Sindy, and to embed a lesser known song by Pete Townshend called 'Sleeping dog'.

This song is only partly about the dog, and mainly - I think - about Meher Baba.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey, that's Good!

This morning I was talking to one of our neighbours about what it is like to come across a particularly clever bit of writing, or hear an especially pleasant piece of music, only to realise it's your own writing or you playing that music. We'd both had that experience.
She asked me if I'd ever had that feeling about my photography and I said yes - but then I could not come up with any examples.
Later today, going through my collection it happened: 'Wow, good work!'

Here they are, three photos I took in March 2006. They could have been someone else's work, but they are mine and that makes me a happy man.

My question to you who are reading this now, have you any examples of such work? I would like to hear about it. Hmmm, is this the beginning of a series of taggings? Handy way for me to avoid them: I tend to panick when I get tagged.

Vilvoorde, Belgium

Vilvoorde, Belgium

A snowy day in Rotterdam
I realise I have posted this last one before - can't find it though

Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't touch that dial, here's another dedication... for Anne-Marie

ANNEMARIE, a Dutch barge of the type 'kastje' I was born on

For those who wonder who Anne-Marie is: she is a warm and entertaining personality from Toronto, Canada with interesting stories to tell. On top of that she is a gifted and prolific writer, who is now in the middle of writing her second book

I discovered the barge bearing the name ANNEMARIE yesterday (Thursday April 19 2007) when I took the scooter for a ride in South-West Netherlands, later finding a disused water tower in a place called Axel...

In disused water tower near Axel, NL, looking up
In disused water tower near Axel, NL, looking up

...after which I headed across the border into Belgium where I took the pictures below - and a lot more that you'll find by clicking on the photos posted in Flickr.

Moerbeke, BelgiumMagic Realism is an integrated part of day to day life in Belgium...

Moerbeke town hall and sugar factory, Belgium...and so is the sugar mill in Moerbeke, which can be found right next to the town hall.

View a slideshow of my most recent photos

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Daffodil for Dale

This is for Dale who feels she is like a daffodil in the snow.
Here's the Daffodil, famous Dutch car of the DAF brand.
It came with a special daffodil vase.
Couldn't find an image of one in the snow. Sorry...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

In love at first sight

Hard to guess what the size of this object is, so I'll tell: about 1 meter (3ft) high and some 3 meters (10ft) wide. Found this gem in a dyke along the river Linge in Holland. No sign to say what is means, no clue about context, so it's obvious: this is art for the art's sake - and I love it...
Art for the art's sake
See where this picture was taken. (opens in a new window).

Monday, April 09, 2007

40 years ago this year?

The real My Generation by THE WHO - for those who wonder where THE ZIMMERS found their fabulous hit song