Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Daffodil for Dale

This is for Dale who feels she is like a daffodil in the snow.
Here's the Daffodil, famous Dutch car of the DAF brand.
It came with a special daffodil vase.
Couldn't find an image of one in the snow. Sorry...


bookworm said...

Hi Koo,

great post for Dale. I made my driving licence with a Daf 66 in 1975. Funny car. I need only 12 driving hours. It was so easy in this years.

Love and peace

bookworm said...

Sorry, I forgot your s in Koos.

Koos F said...

That's amazing, Stefan! I never thought they were used in Germany! It all seemed to be so exclusively Dutch.
(Meanwhile I have discoveered the DAF club of America, so they were available oputside Holland...

I had a DAF 33 for a few months in the late seventies.
I am sure you know they are belt-driven.
Mine had had one of the belts replaced.
So from then on they were different, which meant:
- put tour foot on the accelerator it would want to turn right;
- take your foot off the accelerator it would turn left.

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

my driver licence I made at a companie, which was selling BMW and Daf. The lesson we do with a BMW, but the licence hour we all do with the Daf, because so we could concentrated us on the driving without the gears. If I tell this old stories my kids, often they could belief.

Now I go to bed.
Good night.
Love and peace

Stevie said...

Koos, you are so sweet to post this for Dale!

Dale said...

Thank you, Koos.

I am hanging in there...


Anne-Marie said...

Aww, so sweet, Koos.

Dale, lots of love sent your way.

Erik-Jan said...

In those days (see the picture) we still had lots of snow. Maybe hard selling as snowmobiles.