Sunday, April 15, 2007

In love at first sight

Hard to guess what the size of this object is, so I'll tell: about 1 meter (3ft) high and some 3 meters (10ft) wide. Found this gem in a dyke along the river Linge in Holland. No sign to say what is means, no clue about context, so it's obvious: this is art for the art's sake - and I love it...
Art for the art's sake
See where this picture was taken. (opens in a new window).


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
I like it!

Koos F said...

So that's what he does when he's not blogging.... ;-)

Anne-Marie said...

I like the aerial view!

Koos, so nice to see you out and about with your camera once again!

VallyP said...

This is such a special thing to find on a river bank...wish I'd seen it...s'not fair...;-)

E.L. Wisty said...

This is a wonderful piece of work! It is like the inhabitants of the underworld curiously lifting the cover of the earth just a bit to peek at what is going on under the sun.

Koos F said...

That's a really fascinating comment, Maria.
Big compliments for that. You have an enviable imagination and you can put ideas into words that are more or less dormant under the surface of my consciousness...

Koos F said...

Here's an official invitation: let's go there together!
If we get lost on the way we can look it up on Google Earth.

Koos F said...

Hi Anne-Marie

Glad you like the (availability of an) aerial view. See, I've never been away from Digiland. There were just some six thousand photos I wanted to publish and I am almost halfway through them now. You can see them on Flickr:

I see blogging mainly as writing, with the occasional picture.
Flick is publishing pictures with the occasional bit of writing.

What I will try to do from now on is make a connection between the two.
This current post is an illustration of that process.
A click on the photo takes you to the Flickr world, where the photo is hosted and where the photo amateurs come together.

The special third party in the process is Google Earth with its magnificent satellite views on my world. Great advantage: Holland, Belgium and northern France (my 'core business' are completely covered by hi-res images.

MargieCM said...

Koos - just a quick visit, as I'm at work and should be ... working.

I LOVE this. Randomly placed beautiful objects are such a joy. Don't know what it is, but I'm happy for it not to be anything in particular except rather magical. I love Maria's interpretation.

I've left a reply on mine to your "hairy" comment, but on the last post, if that makes sense.

Thanks for tripping over!

Lannio said...

Lovely pic - wow!
Hey, thanks for stopping by stranger!

gypsy noir said...

There should be a caption reading "Is it safe to come out yet" lol..great find that!..

String said...

Wow! That would be fun to create!