Friday, April 27, 2007

A pic of Sindy and a song by Pete... for Grace

Blogger Grace told me she was inspired by me to do new things with her blog.
She loves dogs and The Who.
That in turn inspired me to publish this picture of our dog Sindy, and to embed a lesser known song by Pete Townshend called 'Sleeping dog'.

This song is only partly about the dog, and mainly - I think - about Meher Baba.


MargieCM said...

Koos I am delighted you've put up this song. It's one of my favourites amongst his less well-known ones. Someone once wrote that it was rather irreverent and facetious, but I don't think so. Lovely perspective in a beautiful, simple and sincere song.

Oh, lovely dog, too!

Anne-Marie said...

That's one of my favourites from the Baba album.

Sindy looks as shiny as ever. She really is quite a beauty,

VallyP said...

Ahhh, Koosje, you really know how to press my buttones don't you? This is such a lovely song (in the the same league as Blue Red and Grey), and of course, Sindy is the beautifullest dog in the whole world ;-) I might be a bit biased of course!

VallyP said...

LOL I even write buttons with an english accent, don't I?

Koos F said...

There is so much love in the air - expressed in the song, expressed in the picture of a dog.

Grace said...

The song I have never heard before, and I love it and the pic of Sindy too! Dogs and The Who/Pete who can go wrong?!! Ah, thank you, I am very touched. xx

Suesjoy said...

Lovely song AND photo!
Aw..beautiful pup.
beautiful song.
beautiful world!

hope you are well...long time no visit...sorry!

Take care,

gypsy noir said...

Lovely song...sin looks like he's listning to every lyric..

Erik-Jan said...

Another unknown PT song, at least for me that is.

Lucy said...


I just listened to your million dollar Hammond riff song. AWESOME!

I'll listen to it often.

Oh... and I LOVE Sleeping Dog. One of my very favorite Pete songs. I can play it a bit on guitar... and sing it too! It's right in my range... as is most Pete music.

Take care!