Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Val's barge 'Vereeniging'

This gem of a Dutch barge belongs to Valerie

... and this is the interior, all done by herself.

Monday, November 28, 2005

My own Dutch Barge

By popular demand a picture of me on the good ship Luxor leaving the trusted berth in the Oude Haven in Rotterdam, on our way to beautiful France.
The Luxor is a Motor Dumb Barge (so that's less dumb than usual) of 1920.


Is it coincidence that I love Who music and PT music in general, own (and live aboard) a Dutch barge and have an English girlfriend, born in London England whose birthday is on the 19th of May? like Pete's (but 1955, not 1945).
This combined with an absolute preference for Apple computers as -among other things- a means to make my own music, largely based on the Million Dollar Riff?

Yes, I call it coincidence, and a happy one.

So when I started digging for PT-info on the internet, a message about Pete's Dutch barge caught my eye, where others might have overlooked it.

After that it was a combination of time, patience and a detective's attitude that led us to the Boat House and the Dutch barge on the Thames in front of it. Do you know the Who's Next DVD? Shot after shot of the Thames, in the foreground the mast of the barge -and the interviewees of course.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Dutch Barge on the Thames

This is a Dutch barge on the Thames. I took the image of the 'Grand Cru', as she's called, during a PT pilgrimage early september 2005. Dutch barges are my great passion, I own one myself.

Around me are a great many Dutch barges, you can see one of them in the background in the picture of the good, but slightly neurotic hound Sindy.