Friday, April 11, 2008

About coal and billboards

In my previous post I mentioned coal and billboards, but then I couldn't upload pictures.

Here is an example of a billboard announcing that you can have your own billboard in the same place.

Ad space availableView it big

Here's a tram that hides its rather transformer-like looks under a layer of printed pvc advertising.
View it big

I noticed a surprising way to deliver coal in an otherwise very neat neighbourhood.
Just dump it on the pavement...
Delivery of coal for domestic heating
View it big

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sights and smells

Those who have stayed in a Paris hotel probably know that the front may look great, but the view at the back can be quite horrible. Polish housing estates are different from this. As a rule the front looks horrible, and the back is a shocking wasteland of mud, cobblestones, burnt-out pvc wastebins (imagine the smell) and rubbish containers. Talking about smells, this is coal mining country where not all the pits are closed - yet. Coal is still used for home heating, so every now and then I catch a sniff of coal smoke. Nice if they don't overdo it!

Added to this, and changing the subject abruptly, here's a slide show I found. It's about The Who of course.

Here's Katowice on a misty Wednesday

I have a few moments to spare before going out for new discoveries.

The Poles are great believers in advertising. This seems to be connected with their fondness of the USA, which is understandable because more Poles live over there than in Poland!

Do you have a facade you don't like? Put a huge textile billboard over it. Do you have a facade you do like? Do the same as above. Shame to let the opportunity pass.
Same with trams. Cover them in printed pvc foil, perforated over the windows, and make a few Złoty announcing the latest offer in cellphones.

For Margie
Here's my cryptic answer to your question about pronunciation yesterday: say quickly "Oz witch I am" (Oświęcim for those who missed it). Jam instead of I am works even better, but somehow lacks the pun(ch).

Discovered I lost my printed form with the flight info.
No problem. Internet cafe, look up, choose English version and Bob's your uncle.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Quick One While I'm Away

Can't upload pics in Poland, so here's a fave of mine from South Africa
Hermitage, ZA
Or view it bigger here