Friday, April 11, 2008

About coal and billboards

In my previous post I mentioned coal and billboards, but then I couldn't upload pictures.

Here is an example of a billboard announcing that you can have your own billboard in the same place.

Ad space availableView it big

Here's a tram that hides its rather transformer-like looks under a layer of printed pvc advertising.
View it big

I noticed a surprising way to deliver coal in an otherwise very neat neighbourhood.
Just dump it on the pavement...
Delivery of coal for domestic heating
View it big

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VallyP said...

It makes me go coal just thinking about it ;-)

Great images Koosje. Poland has some very special qualities that you portray rather well! What an interesting place. I hope it doesn't become too westernised too quickly.

Dale said...

...Whoa,sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery
Breakin' my mind...

Five Man Electical Band

Stevie said...

great shots Koos!

Koos F said...

Thanks Stevie!

Okay, as a special bonus pun for you: other word for Polish emigrant? Exit Pole.

Dale said...

This is an honest question...

If someone were to drop a load of coal upon my lawn, how shall I burn it? I have a fireplace.
Does it take a special coal burning unit?
It is a question I have thought about.

grace said...

your images are always extremly interesting. Did they really dump coal right on the side of the road?

Koos F said...

Hi Dale,
Val says she never knew any other home heating than open coal fires in her youth.
So it seems your fireplace would be alright.
On the barge when I was very young we had two cast iron coal stoves for heating and cooking.
Then, sidewalks in Europe are real pavements. The lawn normally begins behind a wall or a fence, so that remains unaffected.
My own concern would be to get it under cover before it started raining.

Koos F said...

Well Grace, it just sat there when I arrived, and it was near the end of a dead end street, so it wasn't terribly in the way.

MargieCM said...

More lovely Polish photos for me to drool over! Now I want to know something Koos - if you were given a billboard of your very own to do whatever you liked with (and you weren't allowed to take it down), what would it say or look like?

That tram would make me homesick if I weren't at home. Melbourne is a tram city, and some of ours are similarly decked out. Most are fairly dull advertising on wheels, but some are quite witty.

As for the coal, whose is it? Is everyone allowed to just come and help themselves? How very egalitarian. Or ... are the armed guards just out of shot?

Koos F said...

I think my poster's headline would say:

Al, spare us your Gorey details

and the bottom line:

No more Nobel Prizes for presentation skills

MargieCM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MargieCM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MargieCM said...

Forgive the deletions - my brain's not functioning this morning.

I like your billboard very much Koos. If there were more wit in advertising and more people who got their views across using wit instead of sledgehammers, the world would be a happier place.

Have a lovely weekend, and please tell Vally to stop painting and planting and get writing again. I want to know what Arie's up to.

MargieCM said...

Koos, I just had another look at your superb photographs on the Flickriver page. I have far too many favourites there to name, but I did want to say that "Pink" made me drool with happiness. What a luscious photograph. It may be concrete or stone, but that colour is just so sensuous and fleshy.

Anonymous said...

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