Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Here's Katowice on a misty Wednesday

I have a few moments to spare before going out for new discoveries.

The Poles are great believers in advertising. This seems to be connected with their fondness of the USA, which is understandable because more Poles live over there than in Poland!

Do you have a facade you don't like? Put a huge textile billboard over it. Do you have a facade you do like? Do the same as above. Shame to let the opportunity pass.
Same with trams. Cover them in printed pvc foil, perforated over the windows, and make a few Złoty announcing the latest offer in cellphones.

For Margie
Here's my cryptic answer to your question about pronunciation yesterday: say quickly "Oz witch I am" (Oświęcim for those who missed it). Jam instead of I am works even better, but somehow lacks the pun(ch).

Discovered I lost my printed form with the flight info.
No problem. Internet cafe, look up, choose English version and Bob's your uncle.


VallyP said...

Hmmmm, so if you can find an internet café to do a new post, why don't I get an email?? ;-)

Sounds as if you're still having fun, though, Koosje. I've been carting Sin around in the car with me to all my lessons as we've had quite a bit of wind here, and you know what she's like about bumping ships. Still, she doesn't seem to mind too much!

It's also grey and drizzly here. Hope you have a lovely day and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xx

Koos F said...

Lots of drizzle here as well, but in trams and buses that's, hmmm alright? Yes, but it did take away a lot of the fun. That came back around 6, when it cleared up. Now it's 9 and it's time to start preparing for the journey back. I should have taken 2 more days. The homesickness pills seem to work.

Dale said...

No, Bob's my son...

We have quite strict rulings on advertising here in Canada as to what type, and where, how big, how small, what colour, flat or sticking out, hanging or, you get the message.

Although the First Nations love to rent billboard space to the highest bidder. (Native lands are held under different rulings).

As soon as we drive south of the border, we notice different types of signage altogether.

BTW we use Poles to hold up our billboards...

MargieCM said...

Ohhh, she's arch, isn't she, that Vally? Naughty Koos. Bet she hides your homesickness tablets next time.

Thanks for the response on pronouciation - all is beautifully clear now. As for the billboards, I love your South African picture. I hope you've taken photos of any especially witty, happily situated or creative Polish examples of the genre. I think if you're going to have such intrusive blobs all over the landscape, they should at least have some redeeming features.

Dale, that is strict! We have restrictions too, but they're handled by local councils, and as such are subject, I strongly suspect, to vested interests and certain "arrangements".

See, Koos? I've been hanging around here so long I'm starting to catch conspiracy theory!

Koos F said...

The Poles are such gentle souls.
They'll hold up all sorts of things, even the traffic.
Especially in this region, where the South Poles live.

Koos F said...

Dale said: "No, Bob's my son..."
Coffee on my computer screen

VallyP said...

As long as your poles don't have to hold up the czech flags...ooops I mean the races....that's one kind of traffic they should hold up.

Koos F said...

Ever seen a Pole dancing? They can't stand still in Pole position.

VallyP said...

No, but I have seen a Pole there's a sight!

VallyP said...

They do it in a very polished style...;-)

Dale said...

Have you ever seen a polecat?

MargieCM said...

So many Polemic opinions here!