Friday, April 18, 2008

Southern Poland

Koos_Fernhout - View my 'Southern Poland 2008' set on Flickriver


MargieCM said...

Koos, this is a fine collection. I loved your "feed the birds" with the pigeon mid-flight. A moment captured perfectly.

The quirky photos always get my attention - the window full of colouful bras is a favourite, and I laughed when I saw your still life with urinals. They really are very ulilitarian, aren't they?

I really like the way rain, especially on glass, softens and distorts images. Southern Poland looks very industrial, but you find the beauty in it.

I think the bras would make interesting wallpaper. Or wrapping paper perhaps?

grace said...

Fabulous. I was just wondering, since you post alot about Poland, are you from there? Do you have a connection there?

VallyP said...

Grace, Koos is one hundred percent Dutch, but with a spiritual affinity to Poland ;-)

The photos are a fabulous record, Koosje, and rather beautiful too. As your Polish friends have said, much of this will be gone in a few years after the Europeans have had their way....sigh

Koos F said...

Thanks so much for the comments, all 3 from women that are special to me.

Yes, Margie, that pigeon pic was a really lucky shot, after sort of sneaking on those people as if the pigeons on the ground were the subject. This is the advantage of the wide angle - people don't realise that so far out of the middle they are still in the image.

I don't expect anyone to appreciate the pictures the way I do, so your appreciation is a bonus to me.

Grace, as Val says I am quite Dutch, but then again a full 50% Frisian. The Frisians have their own language which is much closer to English than to Dutch and even by looking at them you know they're a much of lots of other peoples, like the Portuguese and the Indonesians.
Having said that, I just stumbled across Poland in Google Earth and now I am simply in love with the country.