Thursday, May 01, 2008

Iffy weather

What to do when the dog needs walking, we need some fresh air, but the weather is very instable? Just go out and see what happens. We took the car just across the border to walk along a nice canal called Langelede. We still had to endure some rain, but the reward was huge. The setting sun broke through the clouds and treated us with the most amazing play of light and shadow.

Luckily at least one of us had thought of bringing a camera. Below you find some of the images we were rewarded with.

In the end the rain stopped, and a very pretty countryside was shown in the warmest, richest light that nature has in store for us.

DSC 1266
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Quite often, the clouds themselves make a great subject:
This time was no exception.
DSC 1262
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This was our view from the back garden.


Dale said...

Hi Koos!
You must be home.

I viewed and viewed and viewed...your fabulous photos of southern Poland.
A very interesting place. Must put it on my "to do" list.
Beneath The Netherlands, mind!

I absolutely love watching the sky! Weather has always fascinated me and I am quite a good predictor of such. It's fun.
Your photos of the budding trees against the black clouds are wonderful. I love that feeling when I see our own poplars in their fall foliage against a stormy sky.

I noticed that many of your trees are growing in rows. Have they been planted? For windbreaks, in a flat, low land close to the sea?
And what are those lovely yellow buds?

You and Val must really enjoy relaxing in the yard of your little house on the prairie!

Anne-Marie said...


I love the dark skies the most. As ever, your touch is magnificent.


Koos F said...

Wow Dale, the idea that my pics make you want to go there just blows me away.
For your reassurance: it will take years and years for that area to be neatened up beyond repair. However, I feel I should have gone there earlier, because the industry is practically dead already.

I expect the poplars to be wind breakers, but I'll have to check that. They are so ubiquitous, I have always taken them for granted.
The yellow buds are from forsythia I think.

Thanks Anne-Marie for your lovely words.

VallyP said...

I consider these to be some of your best, Koosje