Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I can feel a bit lost in a tourist place among hoards of others carrying cameras. What on earth can one do to make a distinction from all these others taking pictures of the world famous architecture in stunningly beautiful Ghent, Belgium?

I did not want to go the easy route of not taking pictures at all until I was in the gloomy outskirts, which are always a great hunting ground for me.

Then a few very 'different' shop windows caught my eye. There were several shops carrying the most improbable knick-knacks. They in themselves were worth a few pictures, but they also reflected the world outside the shops - and there were my images of Ghent façades in a slightly different way.
Just what the doctor ordered.


VallyP said...

These and more! I feel lucky that I've seen them all. What a unique way of viewing gorgeous Ghent, even if this was not the 'best' part. I love the eclectic collection of 'stuff', and against the reflections of the buildings, they themselves look more like reflections!

MargieCM said...

Wow, Koos. Between these and the photos on your last post (that landscape!), I feel there's as much chance of you taking a standard tourist-snap as there is of me writing a book on efficient home organisation and management.

These are just wonderful - it's the ability to see what others don't, and to look beyond the obvious, that makes you such a fine photographer. I am convinced you have camera lenses where others have eyes.

I see your photographs and they remind me what cultural richness there is in Europe. It's nice here - very nice - but to be able to travel to other European cities as easily as you do is something I shamelesly envy.

Love to you both,
M x

Stevie said...

Koos I love looking at your photos.... I am off to new brunswick for a week... hope I get some images to show...

Dale said...

No matter how hard I look, I can't see you...

Koos F said...

Hi Dale, It just didn't happen. Deliberately I admit.

Stevie have a great time in New Brunswick. It's the opposite to our life here. You travel some 4000km and you are still in the same country.

Lovely comments/compliments from Margie, and there is truth in your remark about camera lenses instead of eyes. I 'switch to camera mode' and see everything framed as if I am the camera. In fact it is an old wish that everything I see is recorded so that others can enjoy it as well.
You are right about the ability to travel easily to other European cities. And it's not only the ability. I just do it. Last week a 20 minute ride to Ghent. Last Friday about an hour on my motorscooter to Lille (Parisian quality) in France.

I call myself lucky.

Dale said...

You are indeed lucky, Koos!

It must be interesting being able to travel only one hour and be immersed in a completely different culture!

I will never tire of viewing your photos. You have a great "eye"!

As far as a book on Efficient Home Organisation and Management goes, Margie, the only person to write that one would be the person who has no household to organise or manage! I fumble along and get by using the Trial and Error Method.

Koos F said...

Who wouldn't go on posting after a comment like this?