Saturday, May 24, 2008

'New' in our collection

We found this wonderful little ship on the Dutch version of e-Bay: A ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEAR OLD small freight barge converted to a very handy, almost live-aboard mobile floating home, or pleasure craft if you like.

We are very busy finding a marina in the area where the house is. That may take a while, but we are confident we'll find a place where she's welcome.

Here is the rest of a series of photos I took of the barge when I went to buy.
And an extra photo by the former owner - but still the bow isn't completely visible.


VallyP said...

SOOOOO exciting isn't it? Can't wait till we can fetch the little gem xxx

Dale said...

You bought another barge??
You're as bad as I am bringing home stray animals...

She's absolutely beautiful!
A gem, indeed.

Has she a name?

Dale said...

I want one!
I want one!

The interior is beyond words. It's nicer than my house! I hope you're not planning on re-doing the kitchen, Val...
And the engine room did draw an exclamation from me, as well.

Will this be your "guest barge"?

Anne-Marie said...

You're adding another barge to the family, how cool. She's a beauty. Tell us more!


VallyP said...

We're still thinking of a name, Dale....and no, I love the kitchen too, so no plans to change that...although I'm not so fond of some of its other features - like the fabric on all the chairs! And the interior is all a bit 'brown' for my taste. Still, I don't want to see this as a project at all anyway. Just want to have fun. It's too small for living and has no shower (yet), but Koos wants to change the windows for a more traditional style with wooden frames. It is lovely though! And was quite a bargain as well ;-)

MargieCM said...

Oh my gosh she is an absolute beauty! I love the interior - that little leadlight cupboard built into the wall - so ingenious. Love the kitchen tiles. Vally, I agree the upholstery is a little, er ... busy, but I like the richness of the wood, brown as it is. Makes it look cosy and wonderful. You could compensate by ... changing the upholstery!

Kkoos, so you've actually bought it, or is the sale dependent on finding a marina? It looks in very good condition, but I like your idea of returning the windows, large and practical as they are, to something more in the traditional line. She deserves to look her best.

Can I stay on her overnight if I ever get over to you two? Pleeeese?

MargieCM said...

Haha Kkoos - I saw my typo and started singing "K-k-k-Katie." But maybe I'm the only one old enough to remember that. (Actually my Dad taught it to me as a joke, but I loved it anyway).

MargieCM said...

Koos, what's the folded-back wingy-thing midway down the port side on the hull?

Koos F said...

It (she if you like) is such a little charmer, it seems we all fall for it, and that includes myself.

We can blame a friend of mine, for us wanting a barge this size. She has a cute little live-aboard boat that she sailed up the Rhine in Germany. That has been a subject of constant envy for me, because with our barges (over 15 meters) that is out of the question, unless you jump through lots of hoops.

That freedom to move was a srong motive for us.

When Val saw the image on, we knew we needed to go further than just dreaming. "I want one" says it perfectly, Dale.

It can't serve as our guest barge in this harbour because it isn't a monument, according to the standards we know and accept. We are looking for a place near the little house in the South, from where we can easily go on trips to Belgium, or wherever we fancy.

The name is Hennie-H. I think we should keep this traditional name, without the last H though.

Margie, glad you like it too. We have bought. Finding a marina is just a matter of time, patience and networking. My guess is we'll end up in the marina just across the border in Belgium.

Stay overnight you can, of course, just like Anne-Marie and Dale.
Maybe you three come over at the same, that would be fun.

About K-k-k-Katie you are right Margie, I am a bit young for that, but Youtube came to my rescue.

The funny wings are on both sides. They are called leeboards. They work as a keel on a barge, where a regular keel would be impossible.

Imagine explaining that in French (easy: dérives de direction).

Dale said...

I love the name "Hennie"!

But maybe KKKKatie is a great name, too...

I remember singing that with my Mum and Dad many years ago! And now I'm singing it again.

I agree with Margie about the wood tones being so warm. The upholstery is kind of funky/kitschie, too. I love the white with red trim exterior, as well.

Maybe you could you slip it into your harbour under the idea that it is a "monumental guest barge"...

Just a thought.

gypsy noir said...

Wow 120 years old!..she looks wonderful for her age..
I think you should have a competion for her name :0)..

MargieCM said...

Gypsy's reminded me of something - we used to have a small sailng dinghy, which we christened after a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Arthur tries to explain the moral rightness of being made King via the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur to an incredulous peasant - a very funny and brilliantly written scene with great argumentative merit.

We called her "The Moistened Bint". Strangely, we never got around to painting it on the hull ...

Seriously, though, I like Hennie. it sounds very Dutch - a cosy diminutive of Henrietta / Henriette? Works for me.

And I can't BELIEVE YouTube had a rendition of K-K-K-Katie! I thought this was supposed to be youth culture???

MargieCM said...

Koos, you've posted it! And indeed the little darlings are barely pubescent. Of all the songs to unearth! Shouldn't they be into Death Metal, Hip Hop or Gangsta Rap or something? I just don't know what today's kids are coming to ....

Koos F said...

Now I see, Margie. We both discovered youtube versions of the song separately.

Today's kids are in a sad state. My boys used to do the dishes (!) while singing along with Mozart's Requiem (!), in impeccable Latin (!).

Must be said they were pretty good at Eddy Vedder impersonations as well.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos and Val,
So this is the barge you phoned me about. Will it replace the Luxor???
Tell me all about it.