Thursday, May 15, 2008

Too many good things for one post

May 8th was one of those days when just too many attractive images came up in front of my camera.
Here are three of my favourites of that day.

Some of the objects that keep attracting me are traffic mirrors. Here is one with an extra: the Human Factor, very unusual in my photos. Anyway I prefer them to just an anonymous car.

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Another recurring theme is the railway crossing. This was on a busy line in Belgium*), so within minutes I could capture this passing freight train. An impressive experience.
*) Belgian trains keep left.
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Here is a landscape photo that had it all in it, but that 'all' took a few minutes of Photoshop activity to appear.

View it large

All the photos I took that day can be found here in a slide show of the May 8th, 2008 images


VallyP said...

Ooooarrrrh Koosje...Oi lurve them furrows...that there is a truly stunning photo...and the others too of course, but the third one is my being a country girl and all. xxx

Dan L. said...


I saw a train...

Here, in my portion of Southern California, there is a great wealth of magnificent train Barstow, The Colton rail yard, so many different ways to know them...rail yards, local tracks, and....the amazing Cajon Pass! Then there is the big steam engine rebuit in San Bernardino...

On it goes...

If you know not of what I speak, google it.

I saw your visit to my simple blog...thank you!

--Dan L.

Dale said...

Koos, is that a mirror in the top photo? If it is, you've managed to miss yourself once more...

Another fascinating thing I find about Europe is the ubiquitous train. We have one set of tracks that runs through here along the west shore of the lake (we are on the east) and the trains that use that line are usually transporting coal.

Those furrows are quite amazing. I cannot imagine the size of the cultivator that makes summerfallow like that! It looks very much like clay...

Great contrasts in your photos!

Dani said...

Good words.

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