Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sights and smells

Those who have stayed in a Paris hotel probably know that the front may look great, but the view at the back can be quite horrible. Polish housing estates are different from this. As a rule the front looks horrible, and the back is a shocking wasteland of mud, cobblestones, burnt-out pvc wastebins (imagine the smell) and rubbish containers. Talking about smells, this is coal mining country where not all the pits are closed - yet. Coal is still used for home heating, so every now and then I catch a sniff of coal smoke. Nice if they don't overdo it!

Added to this, and changing the subject abruptly, here's a slide show I found. It's about The Who of course.


VallyP said...

Nice images, koosje - of Poland and the Who!

Koos F said...

Wow you are quick. How did you know about my new post?

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I've just looked through all these posts I missed. As usual, lovely photos. I like the snow bits- reminds me of home, although we are now officially about to ban winter with two days in a row of temps above 10C! The snow is mostly gone from the ground here, although patches of ice mountains can be found here and there. Thankfully, I am here. :)

Thank you for the beautiful pictorials and interesting views. This is one of the reasons I always enjoy my visits here.


grace said...

Fantastic slide show

E.L. Wisty said...

Is that an indication that the French are more superficial than the Polish, caring more about appearances, I wonder?

Well, probably not.

Anyway, hope your Polish journey is continuing all around satisfactorily!

Koos F said...

France might just be rich enough to make good appearances I guess.
Poland isn't a poor country, but there's a certain lack of money in general, I'm afraid

Koos F said...

Hi Maria

The right moment, maybe, to say I am back home.
A nice stack of good memories and photographs to share with dear friends and curious acquaintances.

MargieCM said...

I am getting quite cross with Blogger. I KNOW I posted a comment here the other day, and voom! I come back and it's not there. This morning it logged me in on someone else's account - someone called Amy Lettuce or something. Humph.

Anyway, housing estates - whose ideas were these anyway? I expect they meant well.

I would like to smell coal smoke again - we used briquettes (compacted coal) in our old slow combusion stove when I was a child, and it always smelt lovely. Wood smoke though, is my very favourite, and I know it's probably carcinogenic and makes your toes drop off and your teeth fall out and speeds up global warming by 5000% but I still love my open fire in Winter.

Nice slides!
M x

Koos F said...

Computers are wonderful things, but the programs, like Blogger, may sometimes be a bit unstable.

Smells are more important than photos, but harder to produce - other than body odoronos of course.

I am now so concerned about global warming that I hold my breath for fear of producing too much CO2.