Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Dutch Barge on the Thames

This is a Dutch barge on the Thames. I took the image of the 'Grand Cru', as she's called, during a PT pilgrimage early september 2005. Dutch barges are my great passion, I own one myself.

Around me are a great many Dutch barges, you can see one of them in the background in the picture of the good, but slightly neurotic hound Sindy.


Dale said...

Hi Koos

You're a boy! You're a boy!

As a matter of fact, I did know that Ron Woods owned the house our favourite PT lives in!

I love your hound, Sindy. She's beautiful. What breed is she?
We have a golden retriever that resembles one of Pete & Rachels' dogs.


Dale said...

Dear Koos

I work for a business who is owned by a family by the name of "Kloos".
They are Austrian by nationality.

My guess - is the owner of the barge Pete Townshend, by any chance?


Koos F said...

"Townshend, by any chance?"
You're fast!

Kloos from Austria surprised me. Not uniquely Dutch then. Just curious, do they pronounce it the German way (close), which is like rowing upstream, or have they adopted the English way?


Justin Kreutzmann said...

Great DOG! Great dane indeed.

ADAM said...

Hello Koos,

I to have found all the different names being used for both the event and the studios very confusing. The boathouse/Oceanic/Eel Pie/The Attic/The basement ?
As you and I now know it is 'Oceanic' on 'Ranelagh Drive'.
You may find this map helpful as to where the studio is in relation to such things as the town center and the railway station.

Go into search in the top left hand corner and put in

Ranelagh Drive Twickenham.

From the address shown you can pan in all directions in order to find just about anything you care to think of.

Your picture looks familiar. Did you go to the Bedford Arms gig?
As for your other pictures? Is that Pete's barge?
I'm really looking forward to the gig. I couldn't get to sleep last night for thinking about it.
Have you found a place to stay yet?
My wife and I have booked into a guest house called 'The Old Stables' which in relation to the studio seems to be only 15 hundred meters away. The people who run it have even been kind enough to offer to drive us to the gig if we wished.
We hope to get into Twickenham in the late afternoon. I've been wondering if it might be possible to meet up with some other fans before the gig somewhere?. Any ideas?

All the best


Koos F said...

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your kind and helpful words.
Yes I've found a place to stay near Kew Gardens, twice as far as where you will stay, but a healthy walk won't hurt.
Alas, I missed the Bedford Arms gig, but I bet Pete's guitar specialist was there - we have a similar face-layout.

By now we know our way around in Richmond, more or less.
We have a way of stumbling into the things we are looking for.
First we tried finding the studio in the wrong place, then decided to look at that interesting lock and presto! there were the studio and the barge.
Same with looking for the house, on top of the hill we gave up our search but there was this cute and rare Japanese car. Pictures taken and what do you guess? In the background Pete's house!

As to a get-together before the concert I suggest
Pizzeria Rustica (Italian)
32 The Quadrant, Richmond, TW9
Just south of Richmond Railway station.
Tel: 0208 332 6262 at 5 pm
They are open on sunday evenings.

Lookin forward to reading more.

Kindest regards,

The photos on my blog pages I took myself.

Koos F said...

Hi Justin,

Quite a background you have.
Must have been interesting to be part of that world.

Sindy, probably half Doberman half Labrador, loves hearing that people from various parts of the world remark on her good looks...


BallerinaGurl said...

WOW that is such a stunning dog! I think your barge is so fascinating and very cool. Will look forward to more posts!


Koos F said...

What sweet comments by the balleriangurl, Sindy loves them too.
Must admit that the dog is Val's, like most things beautiful. (I'm hers too ;-)

Will post more after the concert, must go to Brussels now, from where the train to London departs.,,

PS I feel quite a sense of community growing here.