Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Basement Jam

Hi all,

Came home late last night (Mon, Dec 5th) from London, England.
Busy day today, but the least I can do is share a few images with you.
And a brief description of the event: FABULOUS.

Pre-gig get-together in the Ailsa Tavern


James Casey said...

Great stuff, especially the way Mikey's clothes look so colourful in the lighting (but then, he was wearing a good outfit, wasn't he?). Thanks for the memories they evoke.

Koos F said...

Hi James,
Must admit the Attic has never done him justice
(or my computer screen for that matter).
He's big, colourful, and what a nice man!

James Casey said...

I've not been able to see the Attic due to an inferior computer, but I did see Mikey at the Bedford Arms gig in Balham and it seemed to me he's grown a lot in confidence since then (perhaps due to the Attic). Not that he was nervous in Balham, just much more lively and outgoing on Sunday.

Michael said...

Great pics. Im glad you had a great time. A once in a lifetime chance. You too can say "I was there when...."

Mike S said...

Great photos Koos! Had the pleasure
of meeting Simon more than several
times and he is indeed a nice
fella.Say hello to the Dutch Mob
for me,Pieter,Bjorn Ciggaar,
Reggy Tan,Gitta,Hans etc etc etc!!

AndyW said...

Those are excellent photos. The color and clarity is amazing. Looks like you had a good seat. I had a great feed on the internet. No breaks or anything but it still didn't look as good as your pictures. Thanks for posting them.

pieter said...


Nice meeting you !! Fantastic
pictures.Join our Dutch Who mob.


tony lowe said...

Yes it was a great and magical night. Your pics are great.

Tony Lowe

Dale said...

Dear Koos

Fabulous photos is right!
I had a grin from ear to ear while looking at them.
How lucky you are!!!
This is me being delightfully envious all the way from Canada.

What memories.

Thanks for sharing.

PS I love the barge photos. I can see the love & care that goes into your hobby.

Bri said...

Thank you, Koos! These are beautiful!

I got to watch most of the show live, until Rachel's set when it froze, but I am so happy that you and some of our other bloggers were able to be there in person.

I love your name, by the way!

Brina in Minnesota

Steve H said...

Dear Koos

Yours was the only face I recognised on Sunday night but I couldn't get near to you to say hello (I was up on the side in the non-smoking area!). It turned out to be as agood place to sit as I was right next to Pete's guitar roadie which as a guitarist was heaven! What a truly great night - I think alot of us felt humbled to be there.

Have a look at the pics on my blog if you get the chance (from a different angle!).

Take care


AndyW said...

Thanks for the feedback on my guitar track. I would love to hear your hammond tracks when you get them posted.

Ron said...

Hi Koos, pleasure to meet you on Sunday and I still don't believe Dutch is easier to speak than English.....LOL...I still have trouble with my English...LOL

Love the photos, especially as I am in most of them, well my left ear and back of my head anyway.

What a great night we all had, I still havent recovered, not that I want to, that will live long in the memory, a very special evening.


Paul said...

Very nice pictures Koas (that's how you pronounce Koos in Dutch, it's not Koes !).
My pictures always end up in a blur when not using flash, yours are brilliant !
Why don't you join our Dutch who mailing list: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/

All the best,

Melissa & Gary said...

Nice pictures even with Rons head in the way!

Gigi NYC said...

Really nice pictures....makes me wish I had attended!!

Thanks for posting them,

E.L. Wisty said...

Koos f,

Thank you for the pictures! Due to the tech problems caused by a huge number of people trying to get on, the webcast failed. But I'm looking forward to seeing it on the loop!

The Psychoderelict DVD: I was wondering about the early release as well. Usually I believe the release date for UK and the continental Europe are the same. Originally I was suspecting the net store had the wrong date and the info there would soon change. But I'm not complaining about having it now!

Marietta said...

Hey Koos,

We missed you at our table during the show. I could see you enjoying it, but sadly I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

The pictures are FAB! You were at the right place, mine are from the side and quite a lot of them blurry. But still, I have the memories!!!!
Btw, Mikey was so funny talking about your name during the break

My hair looks great in the first picture! LOL.

Hope to see you again soon,

Mark T said...

Hi Koos, nice to meet you on Sunday. What a great evening!! Your photos are excellent. I may have to get a better camera. You sat in the right place. I have a good photo of you after the show which I will post later in the week. Hope to see you at the next one!! Mark

greekzoe said...

Hi Koos,
Your pictures are great!! I'm glad you had a Fabulous evening. Thanks again for posting the pics. It gives those of us who couldn't be there a chance to see what it was like.

Debby C said...

Hi Koos - I just wanted to tell you it was wonderful meeting you and we had a blast with all of you. We got back into the States last night. A little exhausted but still on a high from the show.

ADAM said...

Hi Koos,

It was good to meet up with you at the gig!.
Amazing photos! You managed to capture the night!
I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat and I'm sure I will carry on doing so for days to come.
Hope you had a good journey home. I hope we get to meet again...at the next one!


Koos F said...

Well that is an overwhelming and positive response on a blog I only set up for communication with Rachel.
Thanks all for the friendly compliments!

I am beginning to understand how blogging can fill days or even lives...

For al bloggers I've met I am grateful, for those I overlooked I am really sorry it didn't happen but maybe we'll get another chance.

Great fun mailing with you!

'I was there when'... is a great idea.

Will say hi to all those Dutch mobsters you mentioned 'cos I am subscribing to their mailing list.

I was lucky I could choose my seat.
Lucky you with a great feed, next best thing to being there.

Thanks for the invitation. Quite by surprise out of the darkness I heard my name as if I was in Holland!

Tony Lowe
Thanks Tony, were you involved in the professional side of the evening?

Thanks especially for the empathic remark about barges. It's exactly how I feel about them. Hope you have a great snow season!

Hope you'll get a great loopfeed.

Steve H
Portraits work!
I share that feeling about guitars. Since two months the largest musical instruments business in Rotterdam has its shop just around the corner from the harbour where I live. There's a lot of stuff to dream about.

You trigger this: is there any site where we can publish our own mp3 music for others to download?

Your left ear is a show stopper!
Maybe will find the time to post a few sentences of good old Dunglish (dutchified English). Will be LOL!

Bedankt voor de tip over de uitspraak, altijd een lastig punt. ;-)
Tip for pictures at concerts: use highest ISO-value if your camera has that option.

Melissa & Gary
Won't be easy to 'get on with' it after this...

Gigi NYC
Are you sure you are 47? You look a great deal younger! Nice Who pics on your blog.

E.L. Wisty
I'll take it a step further: all go get the Psychoderelict dvd.

Would have loved to stay with the group, but near main microphone proved irresistible. Your hair beats Ron's left ear. lol
Too bad I could not hear Mikey about my name.

Mark T
Thanks for your pics too, I really love them, especially Rachel in close-up. Have great fun with the karaoke!

Your feedback is exactly the reason for my taking the pictures and posting them (and a hint of ego too ;-)

Debby C
Glad you're home safe and sound. Was my pleasure meeting you two, what a sweet couple!

JoeBoy said...

Thank you so much for posting the pics. Mikey is really coming into his own. I hope all is well and I have enjoyed looking around and reading your blog.

Chris Capp said...

Hello Koos,

Fantastic photographs! You must have had a prime seat for this very special event. I am living vicariously through the descriptions and photos of other bloggers, so thanks for posting!

Cheers from LA,

BallerinaGurl said...

Fantastic pics Koos! Love them! Wish I could have watched but I was cut off pretty bad. Perhaps I can fly over for the next one!

So in some of the pics....who are the people..like the one of Simon and then is that Debby's boyfriend? etc...tell us about the room you all were gathered in. DETAILS! PLEASE!

Take care!