Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dutch barges in West London

This link takes you away from these blog pages to my FlickR album about Dutch barges in West London.


Michael said...

I posted a comment before but anyway. I love the picture and I love the music. Very talented family. I posted Greyhound Girl if you like.It has a hint of Dylan...michael :)

Koos F said...

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your kind observations.
My son (26) played a modest but essential part in the Ittre tune for which he deserves all the credit.
Discovering GarageBand he exclaimed 'This is what I've been waiting for!'

I was happy to hear that your Greyhound Girl is anything but a copycat version of Pete's original. Very cleverly done, and it seems you know your way around in recording land.

PS I envy you for owning a Gretsch, my dream guitar.

Michael said...

Thanks for the kind words. I love my Gretsch! If you look up my blog I have a post "when depressed spend..." I have a picture and Pete even commented on it michael

Michael said...

Thanks for the site. I love my Gretsch. Like Pete said I need a volume pedal so I dont look the Twang sound. I emailed him saying I noticed I have the same one he used in "White City" for "Give Blood". If you dont have the movie I can burn a DVD for you

Michael said...

Are you ready for the show. I posted Simple Twist of Fate. You can hear my boys at the end. I did something different with vocals also...michael I always appreciate your opinion too

ADAM said...

Hello Koos,

I managed to listen to 3 of your songs... Chris's Song, Lift Lock, and Ittre. As I have dial up it takes too long to listen to them all in one go. However, I will return later to listen to the rest.
The 3 songs I heard I liked. You've got a very good keyboard sound going on. I especially liked what you and your son did with the track 'Ittre'. The keyboard sound reminded me of The Who's '905'. High praise indeed !.Is the Garage Band package a studio or a sampling program?.The guitar had a nice sound to it on 'liftlock'. Again, some of the passages reminded me of of the studio demo outtakes from Tommy. Whatever it is you do...keep on doing it. All the tracks I've heard have a nice feel to them.
I've just posted up 2 demos of my 'stuff' on my blog. Likewise any comment you might wish to make would be more than welcome.

Keep on Rockin' in the free world !


Michael said...

PS I love listening to Varrdyk jig Great Sunday song. Im listening to it now....michael :)

Koos F said...

Hi Michael and Adam,
I should have included a warning: Listening To This Music Can Be Addictive. My mp3 player's (iTunes) statistics are merciless and embarrassing: the top 8 in number of times played are my own tunes, followed by Rachel Fuller's 'How About No War'.

Michael, happy man, surely, to get a comment from Pete that sounds so genuine I get those prickly feelings behind my eyes (as usual, innit?).
Very excited that one of these days I'll find a dvd in my mailbox that's available nowhere else...

You inspire me too to publish one of my son Kasper's compositions that he produced in GarageBand but based on a written score with notes and stuff, things I can't read but he can even write it!

Hi Adam,
To begin with Garageband, it is all you say and more, I think. Best possible explanation found at Apple: Garage Band.
Hard to explain for me, really.
It works for me on my Apple PowerBook with only rarely System Overload. Ableton might work too, but giving me Brain Overload, I'm not enough of a genius, I'm afraid.
The compliments for good sounds go to Steve Jobs's team that designed all this software. All my keyboard does is tell the PowerBook what to do.

"High praise indeed" indeed! Honestly, 905 came to me later than I produced this song. Very observant of you.

Thanks again for stimulating words, Adam, these are Most Exciting Times.

Yes Adam, I listened to your 2 songs. One deals enviably with a broken heart (so that is over now I should think), the other takes me by the hand on a stroll through New York and it cheers me up after all the understandable pain of splitting up. Very well done.

To end with Michael: Vaartdyk Jig has the smell of Sunday food about it. When I began this tune, Valerie called from downstairs: "That sounds great" True story, cross my heart etc.. (Hardcore Who fans know that Karen called a similar thing from downstairs about 'behind Blue Eyes").