Monday, December 12, 2005

Amazing Winter Light

A few miles south of Brussels, just across the Language Border (from there on they understand French only) is a small colony of live-aboard barges. However, they are not the subject of these photos, but the light sure is!
See for yourself.
Perhaps someone can advise me about putting proper captions under the pics?


meyweb said...

Dag Koos,
ondertitelingen bij de foto's gaat heel goed.
De foto's met picasa 2 op de blog zetten. Dan zie je vanzelf de mogelijkheid om onderschriften te maken.
picasa 2 is ook een programma van google, werkt zeer goed.

Koos F said...

Dank je voor de tip Henk,
Addertje onder het gras: Slegs vir Windows...

chris said...

prachtige foto's Koos .. vooral DSCN2253.jpg
gr, Chris

Koos F said...

Hadi Chris,
Zo dichtbij en toch direct aan de overkant!
(Chris is m'n overbuurman.)

AndyW said...

These pictures are great.
So are the mp3's you e-mailed me.
If you have more to send I would love to listen to them. I'll e-mail you comments tonight when I get home about the first two you sent.

Tausha71979 said...

Hello Koos,

Seeing you in the chat yesterday, I realized that I haven't been to your blog. Nice to meet you in chatting mode:) I really enjoyed the photos, especially the last one, I love simple photos! Thanks for sharing:) Since I really can't read other languages (I apologize). I don't know if anyone answered your question? To put captions under your photos, when you are creating your post. After you upload the photos, just type under them or above them. That should work:)

Take Care!

Koos F said...

Hi Tausha,,
let's go with the flow. Some bits are in Dutch, the rest in English of sorts.
Must admit I tried typing under the pics but then the captions keep appearing next to the pics, without any apparent coherence. Maybe we Mackies have to wait 'til the developers have time for us ;-)
But the main thing is I find it very touching to see this wave of love for music and personal attention for each other rolling over the (cyber)world.

Thanks for your response!

E.L. Wisty said...

Thank you for the pictures! It is great to see some winter *light*. It is not available here in the north much before a couple of months have passed since the winter solstice.

Koos F said...

Hi E.L.
Your comment makes me realise how blessed we are with so many hours of light per day.
We may have to travel up there to experience the midnight sun, though. Would not mind seeing that!

PS to all: the link to my music has changed and is now THIS