Friday, July 14, 2006

Back Home, looking back

Wednesday evening my Luxor arrived back in Rotterdam safe and sound. It is good to be back, at the same time enjoying the memories of a wonderful journey across an area in Belgium of which I had no real recollection, meaning my last visit there on my parents' barge was over fifty years ago! "Christ almighty, is it that long? I'm leaving!" (Quoting Keith Moon in the film The Kids are Alright.)

There is so much to tell, visually, I really need to show some mastery of self limitation.
Why not start with something incredibly traditionally Belgian, the mirrored fairground beer hall / restaurant.
I was sailing the canal from Turnhout to Antwerp peacefully, through the wonderful forested area, when at a widening of the canal I spotted a colourful place where refreshments were served, mostly for cyclists riding the towpath. The tourist season was not in full swing yet and it was a Monday anyway, so the place was really quiet.

Not knowing how much draft was available, I let Luxor float very gently to the canalside until she came to a stop.

This is what it looked like from Luxor's foredeck.

I ordered a nice cappuccino on the terrace and in the meantime took the place in.

The name makes me wonder if this is one of the very rare cases of Belgiun humour. Background on this remark: Belgian humour is very much like its German counterpart, however stripped of its wit - and lightheartedness.
Maybe San Severia is no saint's name at all but just alludes to the plant that adorns practically every Belgian window, the sansieveria.

The interior.

Around the corner from the terrace, this live-aboard Belgian barge has an enviable mooring...
Photos: Koos Fernhout
I can never take pictures of my barge when on the move -which is a shame, but my neighbours can.
Here's a post by Carla of the barge Anthonetta, containing pictures of my leaving for Belgium, and here's another post from the same author, same subject.


VallyP said...

Lovely Koosje. I wish I could have shared that quiet interlude with you. You got so close with the Luxor, you could have tied it to the lampost like a bike!

The photos reflect the peace as well as the incongruity of the restaurant. Really great. xx

gypsy noir said...

koos you are a tour guide delux...i love your pictures and discriptions..the interior of the salon is beautiful..ive never been on a barge but maybe in another life id like to live that life style like you and val..

Koos F said...

Gypsy that is such an excellent definition, tour guide. That is what I feel: I see all these special and wonderful things on my way and need to tell others about them.

Can be quite modest about it too: anyone with a keen eye, a good camera, good darkroom software (Photoshop you mean?) and the necessary skills, and a drive to tell the world about experiences can do this. But then again that is quite a number of requirements...

About the life style: I am aware that I am a lucky person and there aren't many that I envy.

gypsy noir said...

it takes someone with passion for the place they are in aswell to see the beauty of a place and get that across to others which is what you do...

Dale said...

Gypsy - tour guide deLuxor...ha ha ha!

I don't know if you ever see any Westerns at the movies, but I was wondering whether you actually had a pint or a shave & a haircut while at the lovely Saint Severia...

It sounds like you were more likely to have something cut...

I am glad to see Luxor is home at dock safe & sound, moored next to the lovely Vereeniging... I'm sure she is happy, too.

...and yes, I have been feeling rather vacant, but it has ironic relevance at the moment.

Dale said...

Beautiful Photos, Koos.

Welcome home!

george said...

How long is your barge?

How many cylinders does the engine have? ...didn't we go through this before?

Oh and what kind of guitar do you play?

Dale said...

verification... mjbus!

Anne-Marie said...

How lucky you are to be able to ride up to get your morning cappucino. Lovely pics!


Anonymous said...

Koos, thanks for dropping by, my "Rachel" is doing fine though I haven't been playing her as much as I'd like to. Lovely photos, glad you had a great holiday.
Have a good one.