Friday, August 11, 2006

Pete's barge revisited

Watch this movie because you like Pete Townshend's work -or not- but then watch closely the barge in the background, that is visible from 33rd to the 52nd sec. Not moored next to Pete's studio in Twickenham, not green but red, it is unmistakably the same one he still uses as a floating studio.
The song Exquisitely bored came out in 1982, Pete acquired the barge in '86.

Want to compare? Go here and follow the links 1, 2 and 3 on that page. A very keen eye is needed.

The last frames of the video show Pete leaning over an ornate railing that looked familiar to me. Digging in my personal photo archive I found the confirmation: the railing is part of the footbridge over Richmond Lock. In the background we find Pete's barge, and, seen through the left span, there's a view of his Oceanic Studios, the place from which In the Attic is broadcast when not on the road.


VallyP said...

Yep, Koosje, you're dead right, and apart from that it's a beautiful song!xx VallyP

Koos F said...

Thark you so much for vomiting my bloc. I really appreciate your kind works. I find them thought provaking and interesting.
This is what blogging is all about: Quakity not Quantitty!
If you were the last and only one in the world to leave a comment on my pages it would still be worth the treble.
I hope my comment finds you. Well, that's it four know.

Koos F said...

TWO comments!!!

Koos F said...


VallyP said...

KOOS!!!!!! If you carry on like this, I'll really vomit ob your blog

koos_f said...

Ob yours, my dear

gypsy noir said...

i enjoyed that video of pt and saw the red the links they were green only..was it the same one a different colour have i missed something??...

gypsy noir said...

and you two ...get a room

Koos F said...

So you Gypsy have the keen eye. In the film the barge is still red, now it is green. Same barge, the same that features in a short film by Rachel Fuller.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I think the video ia like a home movie- up the Thames with Pete instead of anything remotely Californian. It's what makes it charming.

Love the song, in fact, love the whole LP, although its videos were hopelessly amateurish.


Metalchick said...

I've seen that video before! Another blogger showed this somewhere, but they didn't point out that barge! I had no idea that Pete had one. Very interesting!

Koos F said...

Yes Anne-Marie, there is an atmosphere around this video that I appreciate hugely.
In the passing we get to know that the man is a competent rowing boat handler, and knows how to hit a golf ball properly too.

Metalchick, glad you find something new here. Ifelt the extra info justified posting the video on my blog.

Especially for you I have added an extra picture, to complete what you see while following the links.

James Casey said...

Yes, I recognised the footbridge immediately! A short walk from Oceanic.

Erik-Jan said...

Well done Koos,
Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have done it better.
Never heard the song before...interesting!!!!

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,
thank you for the links you gave me. Very interesting. The video I never saw before. Great! Last year I could be on the guestlist (Bedford gig), said Rachel, but I must changed the week to go to London, because my daughter was ill. My kids and I were in London one week later.
In one of my next posts I will write about my hometown. If you like modern art, you know the "Documenta". Next year it will be No.12.
All the best

Natters said...

Never seen the video before thank you for posting!