Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stepped into a church I passed along the way

No I don't go in there to pray, but I do get down one knee to put the camera on the floor in order to take pictures in frog's perspective.

As a rule French and Belgian roman-catholic churches leave their doors open during the daytime for those in need of prayer or just the occasional visitor like me.
It has become a routine of sorts: see if the door is open, take a quick pic and maybe a look around and out again. That approach has now led to a pleasant collection that you can find in the film strip below.
The image above is St-Bartholomew's church in Geraardsbergen in Belgium.

Click on the moving strip below for images of other churches.


Anonymous said...

Hello from New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog popped up. I had a look and it is worth sharing so I have added you to my blog, Around The World In 80 Blogs.

Click on to my name to see my blogs.

Koos F said...

Hi Kelvin

"Around The World In 80 Blogs
What a brilliant thought!
I am quite honoured to be part of that.

Lannio said...


I love the churches of Belgium and France and certainly don't dream of California when I'm there. Actually, I've sung in many French churches - while belonging to both Canadian and French choirs. Now that was an amazing experience because of the acoustics of these beautiful artistic architectural masterpieces.


Lannio said...

oops ... forgot to mention how beautiful the photos are. (guess that's what happens when I blog at work while people stream in and out of my office)

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Is this part of some lyric?
"Stepped into a church I passed along the way
No I don't go in there to pray, but......"
It does ring a (church)bell but not loud enough.

Koos F said...

"all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
i've been for a walk on a winters day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA california dreaming on such a winters day"
Hence Lannio's reference to California ;-)

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Koos

It's a Gothic church isn't it? Looking at the arches. I love the Gothic cathedrals, with their slender, sky-reaching arches...


Koos F said...

Yes Maria, it is a gothic chuch in the Belgian town of Geraardsbergen, more pics can be found at with the history in Dutch, so here it is briefly:
Building begun ca 1500, around 1700 done up with a mix of baroque and rococo and around 1890 redone the neogothical way.
Style puritans will stone me for saying I think the end result is just stunning.

That Belgian site is worth browsing through.

gypsy noir said...

they are beautiful churches koos a work of art..

MIA said...

I click on your link and remain breathless from beauty. Thanks for the view once again.

greekzoe said...

Beautiful pictures Koos! Now that is what I call a church!
They sure don't build them like that anymore.
European architecture is amazing.
Thanks for the wonderful view.


elizabeth solaka said...

So pretty.

I find myself in churches with a camera often, as a wedding photographer.

Roman Catholic churches, generally, and luckily, don't mind at all my taking photos of the churches, or the rituals at all. In fact, they seem to encourage it. Makes my job easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks for these!

Koos F said...

Hi Lannio,
I really loved your comment without the addendum, but thanks anyway. That's an interesting story about you and singing in France.
It is an experience they won't easily take away from you. A rich memory I suppose.

Thanks Gypsy, always honoured and pleased to know you are visiting my pages.

Hi Mia, the feeling is completely mutual.

I'm afraid you are right Zoe. Luckily there are plenty of such churches this side of the Atlantic, even in very small places. The modern churches are really uninspiring by comparison, except a few very rare examples.

You have a very special profession, Elizabeth, I hope it brings you lots of joy - and a good income of course!

Dale said...

who's your momma...

who's your poppa...

Dale said...

Hi Koos!

I sang the title as I read it the very first time... I know that song well.

What a beautiful church!

I do like the idea of a church's doors being open to the everyday soul.

...they don't call it a sanctuary for nothing.


Anne-Marie said...

My two favourite places in Europe: churches, and castles.

Have you been to the little church near Nohan in France? I think it was called St. Martin de Vic, with its 12th century frescos. The most beautiful thing to see in a little country church. I think my July archives have it at the tail end of my trip. Stunning, just like this set of pics from you.

Metalchick said...

Hi Koos,
The pictures are very beautiful! There aren't too amny churches like those over here in the USA. You guys are lucky!

Rache said...


They just don't build them like that anymore. I've always been fascinated by medieval architecture. In the cathedrals and castles, there is so much detail and structural integrity - and the stained glass! I absolutely love stained glass windows and the ethereal effects of the sunlight shining through them. Simply magical.

Speaking of magical - and no offense to the Mamas and the Papas, but I'm doing more Caribbean dreamin these days.....zzzzzz :) mmmm whitesandbeachesmargaritaspalmtrees..zzzz :)

Anonymous said...

Me - again !!! A friend with a bile in hand stopped me on my walk into town and asked me where I was bound. I said I was heading into town to have a look inside a church, so here I am !!!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

It would be a shame if these churches locked their doors to people during the day - they really are magnificent. We have a cathedral in my hometown, and it used to be open all the time until some hooligans started stealing money from the poor box. I mean, who could do such a thing??! Now the church is only open for mass.

No news on the canal (sorry I didn't answer the question in your previous posting!). I imagine they will be gearing it down for winter now and closing up shop. We've had frost a few nights, and soon everything will be frozen over....all the eager local boaters will have to dream of summer for another 8 months!!

Dan L. said...

I have haad the occasion to visit the city of New Orleans multiple times. I was last there in 1986, however, so I am overdue...but...

Hurricane Katrina has changed the shape of people and things.

Why New Orleans? Because you post about churches, Koos. There are many wonderful churches to be found throughout New Orleans. I'm sure they were not all damaged. I speak of the Roman Catholic variety, since that is my faith, though you never know what other beauty is to be found there. It was, and still is, an amazing place. I still have relatives there, though not as many nowadays. I once spoke to my grandfather in 1980 (he was around 90 years old at the time), and he told of dirt roads, Indians and such. The stuff of bygone eras.

The churches open...
Here, where I live, the Catholic churches are mostly open because the bishops have asked the parishes to allow access for prayer, reflection and closeness to Christ in this time of restlessness and war.

Dan L. said...

I trust you are well. I loved the post you had about birthdays in your land, by the way.

Also, as for celebrations...My wife and I are now 22 years wed, as of October 27, 2006.

I am having trouble posting on Blogger lately, thus I have become extra wordy in commentaries.


--Dan L.

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