Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blogger's Block

Attentive readers are sure to have figured it out: blogger's block has (had) me. New posts don't come easy or not at all.

It would be a shame just to give up now, especially after the warm support I received from several readers who must have sensed something was brewing. So watch this space and expect a new post within 24 hours, about how in Holland and Belgium we keep Santa Claus at bay at least until December 6.

Until then I suggest you follow the FlickR link under my profile. FlickR is a godsend, because it can make a much greater number of pictures easily accessible. Besides, if handled properly, it makes connecting with people with specific interests much easier.

So have lots of viewing pleasure, FlickR is a true treasure trove of interesting images.
There are disadvantages too. It takes much time to tag, describe and post the images properly, and in Holland FlickR is not a word we use in public.


gypsy noir said...

koos..fab pics looking forward to the next long as your alright you can post when ever you they are always interesting..

Erik-Jan said...

Good to have you back.
Start studying Flickr later.

Dale said...

So Koos, what does FlickR mean in private?

Dale said...

Koos, you could post anything and I'd love it!

... and I'll bet I speak for many of us here.


PS I am going to be forced to upgrade my computer!

Koos F said...

Ok Dale, I'll tell you in private that this word that shall not be mentioned in public is a very insulting way of referring to a gay man.

Koos F said...

...and if I ever need a spokeswoman...

Dale said...

pick me!

Koos F said...

Ahhh, a nod's as good as a wink!