Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This might upset some people of good will

After saying I might be off for a week or three and then staying quiet for about six weeks, here's a new beginning with a quote (if you don't like quotes, read on from the point below: "But what's the point of the above paragraph?"

"The record cold of the decades of the 1890's, 1940's, 1970's, 1980's and most recently the bitter northern hemisphere winters of 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 argue against the occurrence of harmful man induced climate change (global warming). Also Winter 2000-2001 and 2004-2005 in Siberian Russia, as well as Winter 2004 in Antarctica were the coldest in recorded history. And let's not forget that January 2004 in Boston, MA was the coldest January in 111 years. Grand Forks, ND set it's all time record low of -44 deg. below zero F, Fosston, MN also at -50 deg. below zero F and Saskatchewan, Canada saw minimum temperatures fall to -62 deg. below zero F, all in Winter 2003-2004.

But what is the point of the above paragraph? It is to demonstrate that for every short term global record warm weather event that is heralded in the media as an example of global warming, there is a counter balancing global record cold weather event, usually ignored by the media."

I need to do this because at some point in my musical background I vowed not to be fooled again. So when I see the fooling done big time, Al Gore, the United Nations and the European Commission all paying lip service to the Greenhouse Effect*), the least I can do is quote someone who, I think, has his facts in order.

*) Hallowed be its name


AhvaRahn said...

So as I sat there that December evening watching his movie with the windows open –an unusually hot December night- it did give me the heebee jeebees (and I remember that Boston statistic). While over in San Fran the squirrels’ nuts were dropping off them in the unusually cold weather, clanking together like ball bearings as they chased each other down the hills of San Francisco. And all the while, Al Gore is having a laugh; is he having a laugh? I had a sneaking suspicion that this unusual weather was a publicity stunt for the release of his Inconvenient Truth.

But in seriousness, one chooses what to believe; the argument against is equally as credulous/incredulous* as the argument for. Although someone named kn4lf might just swing it for some.

*delete where appropriate.

Welcome back, Koos

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Welcome back. Did you finish the movie/video? What are the problems with Val's engine?
I do think as well we might be 'over-panicking' about the global warming. Well at least, I hope so.
N.B. No error messages this time. The old blog back or just repaired?

Koos F said...

Being 58 means:

I was frightened when we seemed to be on the brink of a nuclear war.

I became worried about the report of the Club of Rome, about -what was it again- pollution? Exhausting our energy resources?

In 2001 I thought that was the beginning of world-wide terrorism - until I realised most of it was a hoax, more a threat than a real danger.

And now pollution is back in a new disguise: a very debatable greenhouse effect.

Now what is the thread through all these items?
You have reasons to be frightened, but if you give up whatever seems to apply: prosperity, mobility, liberty, we shall look after you.

Get it? Still wondering why I am so mistrusting?

Anne-Marie said...

Welcome back, Koos! We missed you! Did you finish your project?

We're drowning in Global Warming news stories here and our minority government just keeps bickering about what to do about Kyoto, tossing blame back and forth, and in the meantime doing nothing constructive.

I know enough that weather and climate are not the same thing, but I also that in some way (measurable or not), humans affect this planet, and a lot of what we do collectively is not good for it. While, like you, I don't trust the sudden interest (which represents a huge turnaround for many of these politicians and leaders) and wonder what it's a mask for.

I'm still going to aim for smaller negative impact in my own life, although I am not giving up those vacations to Europe which take me to the Netherlands. (We paid our speeding ticket, by the way)

AhvaRahn said...

a miscarriage of justice - are we being wrongly accused?

Koos F said...

Just now it was on the news: the Dutch government is now convinced that it is practically sure that the world is warming up as a result of human activities. (My emphasis).
So not completely sure? Well, errr, no.
Wonder how long it takes before the newspeople forget about the we-aren't-really-sure message.
Already I've heard on the radio announcers speak about the poisonous greenhouse gases.

String said...

I too am getting slightly sick of all the pollution - fear PR...things are happening which are dangerous to the environment, but we hear nothing of them because they don't curtail small freedoms, but freedoms of multinationals. People are more manipulatable when fearful, inside, not traveling (and seeing the real world) glued to their tv's and thinking if they turn their light bulbs off for 5 minutes it will somehow 'enlighten' others...bullshit.

Dale said...

The earth will look after itself...

Dale said...

We will look after ourselves...