Thursday, August 30, 2007

About this blog - a Manifesto of sorts

This kettle is boiling over, but I'm not a banana tree. In other words, the thoughts come up and become long discourses about freedom, bullying people by way of psy-ops like 9/11 and SARS; the silent integration of Canada, US and Mexico already accomplished and nothing your representatives (can) do about it - in other words these three countries have stopped existing as such; our strong Dutch 'no' to further European integration and the way the 'constitution' has now been 'rewritten' (96% of the text has remained the same) and now a new referendum is no more needed.
Not to forget the Al Gore hoax, of course.

All the above spells 'conspiracy nut', so that ends the debate, and we can go back to our tv's and have ourselves amused to death and scared witless about subjects like terrorism and climate change, handing over our freedom in the process.

So what to do now?
Well, how about some beauty as I see it.
Val went West while I flew to Poland. After a day or four I came back with loads of impressions and over a thousand digital photographs.
A few thousand of the older work can be seen on, and I'd like to make this Blog a jumping board to my photos on Flickr.

Be prepared. A lot of beauty passes in front of my camera, and I capture a lot of it!

Here is an appetiser. It is in Wroclaw, Poland, where I spent so much time around August 25, 2007.

A sunny day in Poland
This is the sort of pictures I assemble when super wide angle is still too narrow an angle. I stitch them togerther using several wide angle images - in this case 9 of them!


VallyP said...

Well, Koos, since we can all do with reminding how much loveliness there really is in this world of ours, it doesn't hurt to find a lower horse and take us on a journey of beauty that we can all see and appreciate instead. ;-)

gypsy noir said...

Firstly Koos welcome back from Poland, hope you had a wonderful trip..
Just looked at your flicker album. Your pictures are truely stunning, high Art at it's best, diverse and memerizing, you have an eye for beauty..and a beauty by your side..

Koos F said...

It is hard to go wrong that way, isn't it?
Thanks for your wonderful comment, Gypsy - it takes one to know one.

I'm still a bit dreamy from being in Poland, that is in the tiny bit I've seen of that vast country.

Anne-Marie said...

Welcome back! You do have an eye for beauty, and a talent for sharing it with us.

And I did love the little Queen reference there, my dear. And yes, I do agree- my country is disappearing into this North American alliance, swallowed up in the politics of fear and commerce.

Dale said...

Hi Koos!

It's me, from invisible Canada - the largest land mass with the smallest window...

...and the most incredible scenery one could imagine!

And yes, the scenery is just as old as that of Europe and the rest of the world... ;)

My own solution to this world of global terrorism, mass hysteria-inducing TV, pronounced marketing and all the crap fed to us through the endles wire, is to get up every morning and live my life on my own terms.
Utilising the basics, like eating, sleeping, working and yes, even going to the bathroom!

Your photos of Poland are greatly refreshing and your photographic eye is as impecable and discerning as ever.
You see such beauty with all the contrast and contradiction that many of us overlook in our own outlook on our surroundings.

Thanks for the glimpse.


Dale said...

Oops, sorry Pete..."endless" wire.

And another note, just because it's out there does not mean we have to heed it all.

As in life, we continue to have free will to pick and choose.

Koos F said...

Thanks Dale for a wonderful, eloquent and encouraging comment.
I almost missed it, eager as I was to move on...

Just this: we'll need a great deal of courage and determination to face what's in store for us - oh and a very critical eye, especially when people say 'Trust me, what I say is the (inconvenient) truth'.
Convenient lie more likely.

As I continue taking pictures, I notice a certain progress and a growing self confidence. More and more often the subject announces itself to me, saying 'Take me, you only have to select and shoot'.

I am a blessed man.