Friday, June 13, 2008

All That Good News

Firstest of allest, Val is back from South-Africa, the land that easily makes her look at least five years younger.

First of all, now the Irish have voted against further loss of souvereignty to the EUSSR. I celebrate that, although the rulers have enough tricks to have their way after all. But at least We, The People of France, The Netherlands and Ireland have spoken up against this Euro Nonsense.

Changing the subject to more Good News: the Dutch football team now steamrolls its way over standard tournament winners like Italy (3-0) and France (4-1). These are results unheard of in football history.

There has to be a twist.
Here it is: the Dutch mail order company is a very active sponsor of the Dutch team, but not in the way of nourishing our own players, but by exhausting the opponent.
Watch this YouTube film and see how they weaken the French players by invading the team's hotel, using the best Dutch secret weapon: pretty girls!

As all wise football coaches say: no sex before the match!


Dale said...

Well now, I wasn't able to understand the Dutch subtitles, but my second language skills didn't need them.

It took me a minute to realise I was listening (and hearing) in French...

Oh la la, indeed!

Dale said...

sex sells

grace said...

Hi Koos,

I just signed your guestbook with pic 'n all, how cool was that?!!

VallyP said...

Vive Les Pays Bas!! C'est magnifique!!

I'm no footer fan, but this is enough to lift the spirits of any cloggie, however remote their interest.

And as for the filmpie, I always knew those long and lovely Dutch ladies had some purpose in life! As Dale says, ooh la la indeed!

Dale said...

football confuses me...

MargieCM said...

Football is so confusing. Here we call your football soccer, then there's Australian Rules football, played with an oval ball, but it's different to Rugby, (there are two types of that too - League and Union), then there's the American football (Gridiron) which we don't have but our US friends seem to love, and that's where I give up. It would be so much simpler if everyone just went for a walk.

However, I am glad that the Dutch team is triumphing, and gladder still that Vally is back safely with you. Are you sure she was in SA and not partying in some footballer's hotel room? You have to watch that one you know - she's tricky.

Speaking of Eurononsense, did you ever see or read the episode of "Yes Minister" where Jim Hacker railed against the Eurosausage? Apparently under EU law, the Great British Banger was threatened with being re-labelled the Emulsified High Fat Offal Tube. It was Hacker's finest moment.

Oh, and for what it's worth, one of our most famous swimmers, Dawn Fraser, once said that sex before her big race gave her an edge and was the reason she won. Footballers are such wimps.

Koos F said...

Did Dawn Fraser look 5 years younger after that? Don't tell, I don't want to know.

Lannio said...

I'm rooting for Les Pay Bas in the football competiton. Allez garcons Allez!

Koos F said...

Thanks Lesley. I'll shout 'Hup Holland' on your behalf.

Anne-Marie said...

I was looking forward to a Dutch-Germany final, and thinking they were unbeatable. They looked so tired today against Russia. :(

I love footie, mostly for the friendly teasing we have among our students and colleagues of different nationalities. The tradition here in Toronto for the Euro and World Cups is that you place the flag of the country you're supporting on the window of your car. You must remove it if your team gets eliminated, and it's a lot of fun to watch the parade of flags dwindle to a few over the tournament.

I fear the Italians will prevail again, as they have more lives than most cats...


bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

I'm not a soccer fan, but I saw the last hour of the Dutch/Russia match. I crossed my fingers for your country. What a bad evening.

Saw The Boss last week. Do you saw him in Amsterdam? If you have some free minutes please read my review.

About the EU. I understand the Irish vote and my opinion is, if the German people could vote independently, the most were on the same way against the Euro Nonsense, but we had no vote. Only our government. They do the best for us, ever. Ha,ha!!!

All the best
Love Stefan

VallyP said...

Well, tonight's the final of the Euro Championships, and I'm just reminded of Gary Linneker's humorous but all too real definition of football.

"Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win."

They probably don't need it, but good luck to your countrymen, Stefan and Anne Marie!