Monday, July 07, 2008

My 60th Birthday

My 60th Birthday


Jodie said...

Great piccies Koosje!!!!! Love the angle on that lens ;)

When is mum going to post hers????

It was a fabulous party and Baz and I both had a wonderful time!


VallyP said...

Hey Koosje, I agree with Jo, it was a good party and we all had lots of fun. I especially enjoyed the tea party in the rain! I'll have to post mine as soon as I've got a moment.

So glad you are happy with your lens my Koosje.

Koos F said...

Sweet comments from mom and daughter. I feel rich.

Dale said...

I have an ode to your birthday on my blog - the post at the bottom.

The "bottom" post, yes, but you're tops with me!


Love the pics!

Dale said...

What wonderful portraits!

Anne-Marie said...

What lovely photos, Koos!


grace said...

absolutely wonderful Koos. What a special day. xox

MargieCM said...

Koos, when Vally said you did the Dutch Circle birthday thing, it sounded formal - these pictures tell a very different and wonderful story. There is so much warmth and happiness here. Love, celebration and friendship - and pipes! Perfect.

Koos F said...

And I am very rich: the girlfriends come from all over the world to wish me happiness. That way turning sixty is something to look for.

Thanks all sweet ladies!
Coffee-cake-and-circle photos make up for preconceived notions, qed ;-)

Maryssa said...

Hey Koos da man! That in itself is a good photo of you and your prized new posession. Enjoy Hennie, I hope you and Ma get to do some real adventure barging now! White Russia here you come!!!!!!!1

Koos F said...

Thanks Maryssa - and what a good listener you are! (re White-Russia).

Rache said...

Great photos, as always! Circle of friends, family circle, circle of hands, circle of life...why not circle of tea in the rain? It all comes back around - just like

I've left birthday wishes at Val's for you. Many happy returns, Koos!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit in spite of my blog being a dead zone for the past several months!

There's something new to see there now...


Dan L. said...


I am SO LATE! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....


God willing, I will someday be as old as you, brother!...but it will be 9 I count.

Great happiness to you, and your whole family!

--Dan L.

Koos F said...

Thanks for your good wishes, my wonderful friends Rache and Dan.

These have been a hectic few weeks: making a much more proper interior in my barge, Luxor; then making steel sides in Val's barge Vereeniging; and parallel to all this, tidying up the (technically) messy engineroom in our newcomer Hennie-H.

Hans said...

Oops! I'm even later than Dan :)
Happy belated birthday wishes for the big six-o!

I've been on summer holidays mostly out of reach from the internet. Must have something to put the blame on.

Well, I have still one year and some moths to go before it's my turn.
I've suggested that we would go with the family to London but my youngest son is lobbying hard for Amsterdam! :)