Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blame Canada

Sometimes I read the weirdest things about Canada and the USA.
So weird I don't quite know what to make of it.
Take this movie for instance. Canada as the root of all evil?

Now I read that Harper has suspended Parliament! And then there is this strange article, about the US patrolling their border with Canada. Unmanned aircraft will be used. Not to stop terrorists surely?
Well actually it is meant to stop terrorists. They have tested it along the Mexican border since 2005 and what do you think? Not a single terrorist has entered the USA from Mexico since then, as we all know.

Normally I just might have said 'So what', but I have a few too many dear friends and even a brother in Canada.

Edit: This is my post that I published and then withdrew, the one Anne-Marie refers to.
To make easier reading, here is her comment:
"Koos, all you need to know is that the American government loves to blame us for the leaky land borders, especially after 9/11. I can tell you that as an air passenger, I always found airport security to be lacking into and within the US when I flew there, whereas Europe and Canada generally had the same higher standards. It all has evened out now, except you still find what Austin amusingly calls "security theatre" at many airports in the US (ie: it looks good but accomplishes very little in practical terms).

As for parliament, it seems out PM's pro-roguing manoeuvre has worked quite well in his favour. We have a new leader of the opposition, and things have been suspended until mid-January, where he hopes cooler heads will prevail and he can save his government from falling. His biggest problem is that he has acted like he's had a majority government and didn't think the opposition parties had it in them to fight back because they are essentially broke from the recent election and not terribly willing to head back to the polls. Nothing illegal about forming a co-alition, though, which blindsided him nicely. He is petty and partisan, and a bit of a control freak. Can you tell I didn't vote for his party? ;)


grace said...

It is funny, not funny haha, that you pick South Park, they seem always to be picking on Canada in some reason or another. I think it just humor.

Anne-Marie said...

Koos, on top of all the pro-roguing nonsend, the Harper government has decided in the middle of all of this to nominate 12 Conservatives to patronage appointments in our senate (think House of Lords without peerage) and to do an auto bailout to match the US one. These two acts have been done without the benefit of actually having a parliament in session at the moment, the first being completely reprehensible as he is stacking the senate with people he owes favours to before a possible non-confidence vote and after promising Canadians in the last election that he would work towards an elected senate. I can't tell you how much I despise that man.


Anne-Marie said...

nonsense, I meant to say.

Koos F said...

Shameless favouritism. I share those feelings, Anne-Marie.
The picture is becoming pretty clear there.

grace said...

Happy Holidays Koos! :)

Koos F said...

Thank you Grace, and same to you!