Thursday, January 08, 2009

A relatively cold winter in Europe

We are going through a spell of winter that we aren't used to in this part of the world.
Reason for Dutch cartoonist Stefan Verwey to publish this in a regional newspaper.


Anne-Marie said...

we have had a lot of snow already this year, and last year was the snowiest winter I can remember in about 10 years. Snow doesn't necessary equal cold, which may come to a surprise for those of you in warmer climes, because it can't actually snow if it's too cold.

That said, I do love the fluffy stuff. It beats the rain in a heartbeat.


Dale said...

lol Koos!
We had such cold over the Holidays, I can't even describe it. Not to mention explain how it was to have to ski in -30 degrees and lower... the air literally sings at those temperatures.
Yesterday, it snowed almost one foot (whatever that is in centimetres...) and the temperature rose to 0 degrees.
Anne-Marie, if it gets too cold, it can still snow - the air itself freezes and floats to the ground! lol

Koos, now you know why it's called the "slipway"...


Stevie said...

I rather dislike Al Gore, so I truly appreciate this cartoon... lol.
it is plus 2 here. the snow is melting. mijn Tony is dealing with minue 20, which is about 20 degrees warmer than it was last week when I was there!
Hoe gaat het met jou^ (that symbol is the best I can do for a question mark with the French keyboard... Anne-Marie... HELP!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Dale, perhaps the snow and cold only happens at higher altitudes, but the rule for Toronto is that you either get snow and overcast skies, which is pretty but depressed you to death due to lack of sunlight, or bright beautiful blue skies and freezing (-20 to -30) temps. We seem to have no alternative.


Dale said...

AM, you have the lake effect to deal with and the more humid climate. I don't miss that, but the extreme cold of the western provinces I could do without, too! When it gets to -40 on the prairies, an ice layer forms in the cold, clear air that can fall and drift across the roads... I don't miss that, either.

It rained here yesterday.

VallyP said...

Haha, both Dale and Anne Marie! We haven't actually had any snow here. The white covering is frost deposited by the freezing air, which is sometimes misty and when lifted revealed glorious blue but icy cold skies. It's definitely been too cold to snow here...hence the cartoon! We aren't used to temperature of -8 and below anymore. In some places in the country it's been -18.

Hans said...

I see that my prognose for central Europe and Canada was quite accurate over at my blog. :)
But here in Finland we have had quite warm weather so far with some few outbreaks of very cold air. Now we are at + 2 C and the most of the snow is gone here! But from Friday onwards we will have another outbreak of very cold air and that will for sure last for many weeks.
No sign of any sunspot activity so far.

Koos F said...

Thanks Vally for clarifying the snow / no snow item. I was a bit mystified by that.

Yes Hans, I remember clearly your post about a colder winter to be expected. It made and makes sense, q.e.d. !

Koos F said...

Hallo (notice the 'a') Stevie. Met mij gaat het goed! En met jou?
Nog gefeliciteerd met je knappe Hollander.

Azerty toetsenborden: jakkes!

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

here (the last week) it was very cold and we had a lot of snow, too.
But since today it is going warmer and we need less gas from the Russian and the Ukrainian.

I love the cartoon.


Koos F said...

Stefan I am very sorry if the Russian gas through the Ukraine was was a problem for you. It must be very inconvenient to depend so much on foreign resources.

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

this is a great mistake from our government. They don't think about alternative energy. A good friend of mine bought a solar photovoltaic installation last year. I will see if it's working and I think if it's OK I will install such on my house, too.

I think you in your country get such a problem too, because I read the RWE will buying the Dutch Essent. This global player are dictate the price and the government.


String said...

LOL...great cartoon, as you well know London has been very cold and all the UK in fact! Here I was all ready for sunbathing in the face of our global warming and instead had a snow ball fight!