Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Film is ready!

Great relief today: I have finished making the videofilm I said I was going to make in December!!!
What's more, the friends to whom I promised I would do this, love it.

Months overdue, but now I am a very proud and happy man.
Below is the film as it can be seen on Youtube - in two parts because the total length exceeds the regulatory 10 minutes' maximum. A high quality dvd version will be produced for promotional purposes.


Part 1

Part 2


VallyP said...

This is a terrific piece of film Koosje! Well done! I love the overlapping images and voices, and the music at the beginning is great. Nice editing, pacey and even makes the event look quite exciting! ;-)

Koos F said...

Is that tongue in the left or the right cheek?

Elizabeth said...

I only watched part one (gotta get the boy to school). Thoroughly enjoyed it. The music in the beginning made me laugh. Sweet little barges chug chugging down the river with that powerful score.
Then the live music kicked in which was fantastic.
Wonderful. THANKS for this!!!
Ms. Solaka

jodie said...

Great work Koos! Like Mrs P said, it looks very exciting and the pace keeps the viewer interested all the way through.


Grace said...

Great video, and music, am not sure what it is all about, but I enjoyed it. thank you.

meylog said...

Leuke filmpjes Koos.Veel bekende mensen schepen en boten door het beeld zien schuiven.
Heb ze allebei tegelijk bekeken.
Met google beta kun je ze trouwens op een film krijgen,die heeft geen tijd- of byteslimiet.
Gr. Henk.

Koos F said...

Hallo Henk
Ontmoeten we elkaar ineens langs deze kant terwijl ik net de letters van Binnenschiffartstrassenverordnung zit te tellen.
Je ziet het wel in Scheepspraet.

Ik had al het vermoeden dat in Google video meer mocht en dat bevestig je nu.
Twee films tegelijk bekeken: dan heb je ook een fijne snelle verbinding!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Kos,
I recognised our very own Val near the little picture book display. Great films!

Koos F said...

You spotted her!
Glad you have seen the film now, and thanks for your comment, Anne-Marie!

Erik-Jan said...

Liked the first one. The second one came to a stop after 20 seconds. Do not get it running again. Maybe tomorrow?

Nabonidus said...

Wow! I love the way you guys live,
isn't there something so calming about being on the water? Just to begin with?
I probably sound like an ignoramus, hehe.;)
Was trying to stop by and say hello quickly before my computer dies again, which is why I hadn't been able to reply sooner. :(
But I wound up getting caught up in
the action around here, you have a great blog, Koos. You and Val both have the neatest blogs. :)
Wish me luck my computer holds so I can post this! :p