Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This week on the shipyard: BEREZINA

The owners, of the former steam tugboat Berezina, FairNature, want to use the boat for promotion of low-emission propulsion and creative solutions for energy issues.


A promotion tour is being planned to eastern Europe, down the Danube and up the rivers Dniepr and... Berezina, the boat's namesake.
Am I jealous to see someone else start on my dream journey? Yes I am.


The steam engine was replaced by a tiny 6-cylinder DAF diesel engine in the aft - hence the undersized propeller.


VallyP said...

This seems like a trip that should be my comment here is in support of their worthy aims. Maybe you could also have mentioned the fact that this tug boat runs on plant fuel...or I think that's what you told me Koosje?

Erik-Jan said...

I wonder if 'aardgas')* or 'plantaardige olie')** will give less emission because those words sound so nice. If I put 'zonnebloemolie')*** in my cars diesel it will probably pollute even worse but a lot cheaper ;-(
)* Natural gas
)** Plant fuel? Organic fuel?
)*** Sunflower oil

Grace said...

You too can start on your dream journey. Only we can make it happen, right?

Koos F said...

Thanks all - and Grace, you are right. I am now packing. Seems boats are very cheap in Belarus.

Nice wooden cottage in the forest: $400 - no joke.

Meanwhile a story about love & stuff in my new post.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and nice pictures from Poland. Answering your question "NIE PARKOWAĆ" means "no parking".
Take care,
Tomasz Nowak