Thursday, March 06, 2008

Crossing The Icy Waters

Inspired by a post by DaleF about cars crossing the frozen lake near where she lives, I looked up a photo I had noticed in Google Earth. It is the one below, showing a river crossing with no fewer than 8 traffic signs, all of which make perfect sense. The most obvious one is the blue one in Cyrillic letters saying that this is the river Pechora. Then there is the roman-lettered international STOP sign.

I wonder if my fellow bloggers will work out what the other signs mean...

Of the remaining six signs one seems to be redundant and another one only applies outside the winter season.
Have fun puzzling!

PS I found the original post here


Dale said...


I do like the sign in English - I can read that one.
Well...I can also read the redundant 20. KMPH perhaps?

I also like the sign with the 2 cars getting to know one another...similar to what Sindy Bin would do with a fellow canine she met along the way.

As for the other sign - I can't read it.
...speaking of being short-sighted.

grace said...

Hi have no idea!!!

But it is beautiful with the snow :)

Koos F said...

It is really Russian. Normally there is a ferry.

Dan L. said...


I will get to the sign thing later, maybe...but...

Koos, where have you been? Now, I know you are an "older" guy, so you must have TONS of free time on your hands. Where do you go? how do you hide from your blog?

All is in jest, you should know, and alas, I, too, will be "older" sooner than we know.

I love your blog, Koos. Do not let go. No, you have not.

--Dan L.

Dan L. said...

Ok, OK...

As for the great and easy to read English sign..."STOP", I must say...if I were to follow that order to "stop", when would I ever "go", since there is no such other signage?

Thus the ancient Greek dilemma...(is E.L. Wisty, the Greek student of Greek-i-ness reading here?) When do we stop, but never go?

--Dan L.

Koos F said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments, my dear friends.

And DanL, you are right of course. It would be such a shame to let this beautiful platform to go to waste, so I'll quickly give away the answers to the question in this post - and not only that but also the results of the upcoming presidential elections in the newest one. That news is so sensational that I now need to publish it before the corporate media wakes up from their dream state.