Monday, March 24, 2008

We thought spring had sprung...

This morning, three days after the beginning of Spring 2008 we were surprised by this view from The House.

Westdorpe, Spring 2008
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Spring 2008
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Kitchen, Spring 2008
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Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Lovely shots! We're expecting another snowstorm tomorrow morning. I heard the funniest commentary today- apparently all this snow we've been having since mid-November is the result of global warming: it can't snow when it's too cold, and so all this snow we've had through the winter is the result of climbing temperatures! Now I've heard it all. I wore my cloggies all weekend, and now, back to the mukluks.


VallyP said...

These are perfect, Koosje. We, who both love this landscape here so much, can appreciate how closely you have captured that gorgeous morning light with these photos. And the ranks of trees in the distance, that are such a feature of this area of the Netherlands and Flanders. Stunning!

VallyP said...

Oops, ignore that comma before 'that' will you? I changed my mind mid sentence and forgot it was there!

MargieCM said...

Oh my goodness how beautiful that is! We don't get a lot of snow around these parts (no - really Marg? I'd never have guessed!), so every time I see such images I go a bit weak at the knees. You and Vally have certainly chosen a most perfect spot, and it's lovely of you to share it like this. They're superb photos Koos.

Koos F said...

Lovely comments from at least three lovely ladies. I am a lucky man.

Rache said...

D'you want some snow, Margie? We've still got some in Iowa, over an inch here in Des Moines yesterday.

Bring on the global warming, I say :)

Koos, as always your photos are gorgeous!