Thursday, October 09, 2008

Here is the Plain Truth, the Sharpest Possible Analysis of the Current Crisis


VallyP said...

This was a really really excellent clip....and I've not often seen you chuckle quite so much over such a serious subject xxx

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

this video is so fantastic good.

Best wishes

grace said...

Dear Koos, Are you ever going to post again? We would love it!

Koos F said...

I am so sorry Grace. Yes, a post coming soon! Promise.

Anne-Marie said...

Oh yes, we need more straight talk!


MargieCM said...

Koos, this is completely, utterly brilliant. No further economic analysis is required.

I love Bird and Fortune, but haven't see them for ages. Clever, funny men.

See how you like the local version (I shouldn't say that - these guys are brilliant in their own right). John Clarke and Bryan Dawe discuss the credit crunch:

Koos F said...

Thanks Anne-Marie and Margie!
And not a word of exaggeration about Clarke and Dawe: brilliant as well.
And, as I am permitted to say I suppose, their age adds to the charm.