Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet The New Boss

Under The Old Boss about half the population felt it was necessary to hand over their liberties in exchange for a very urgent protection from terrorism.

After the election the other half of the population is now near euphoric that this terrible experience is coming to an end. There is new hope. Wonderful.
Will the New Boss repeal the Patriot Act? If so, why didn't he say so?
Will he make sure America is going to mind their own business instead of continually going to war? No, or else he would have promised so.

The new boss believes that Planet Earth needs to be saved. About half the population agrees with him. The consequence will be a further restriction of liberties*), which then will be handed over voluntarily, because people expect the very urgent protection from the danger of global warming.

I try not to be negative about these things. I'd much rather be gently amused, and describe the flow of events as "ding dong".

Maybe it is high time for me not to worry and just be happy too.

*) Just Google "Agenda 21" and the consequences of the IPCC studies.


VallyP said...

Having borne witness to these concerns of yours my Koosje, I do understand. I even admit to certain reservations myself, but more along the lines that any new president is just a figurehead and the real rulers of this world, corporate business, will make sure that their business carries on as usual.

Nevertheless, I agree even more with your last happy Koosje and enjoy your week in Poland to the absolute. Life will ding along as it always has, and you and I are not even cogs in the wheels....much better to seize the day today than waste it by worrying about

Koos F said...

Thank you Vally. That is such a loving comment...
I'll remember that in Poland, I promise.

Dale said...

I only have a moment - just enough to stand up and clap...

Dale said...

For you.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Just wanted to say that your latest slideshow was penta-stellar! I loved the ploughed fields, the blue door, and the swooshing red and orange leaves the best.


ahva-rahn said...

It seems a case of damned if you do; damned if you don't. There is plenty of room for doubts, and plenty of forums to express them, but "gently amused" doesn't half sound smug. I don't share you cynicism. Even the cynics (ever-the-cynics) have their own agenda and intractable positions.

Dale said...

I love your Slideshow, Koos!

You even managed to catch yourself in the mirror...


grace said...

I shall steer away from politics, and enjoy the lovely video of Pete. :)

Let's hope for peace and contentment all around the world.

VallyP said...

Grace, you are so wise. I'm beginning to feel that I should do the same. I well remember my father saying that if you want to maintain good relationships with friends and business contacts, you should keep away from politics, religion and something else...I can't remember the something else, though!

Pete is gentle though, isn't he. His comments are also very wise.

VallyP said...

So, Koosje, if you are checking out your blog in Katowice there, I hope you see I'm checking in here too. It's been snowing heavily here this afternoon, a really white and wintry world. I'm going to put a couple of pics on the graafjansdijk blog, so take a looksee!

Sin and I miss you xxxx

Koos F said...

Thanks all for the comments. Funny thing though: I am in an Internet cafe in Poland and it seems I can't find the slide show ;-)

Poland is covered in snow as well, and it looks great. Given the lack of white Christmases in our neck of the woods, I'll just make believe it's Christmas now!

I am tempted to avoid further complications and avoid politics because someone might be offended by the subject and my choice of words. I prefer, though to just write about things that I find
more or less important, including things I am passionate about.
And about Ah-varan's comment I'l be brief: it hurts. It always does when not the message but the messenger gets it.

MargieCM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MargieCM said...

Oh hell, Koos, I just came to say a quick hello before peeling the spuds and I see I have to think again! I hear you though.

Alas, no time for juicy discussion just now - I will have to return at leisure for that. I haven't even watched your latest slideshow yet - I refuse to rush that experience, and am saving it for a relaxed moment. (I have one pencilled in for October 2011).

And oh, Vally - it's sex. One should always avoid discussing religion, politics and sex.

Three strikes for me I'm afraid.

MargieCM said...

ps: Sorry, that delete was me. So many fingers, so many wrong places to put them. Proofread, girl.

Koos F said...

"So many fingers, so many wrong places to put them". Lest we forget why we admire you so.

Oh and I seem to remember money as well

ahva-rahn said...


I am sorry I hurt you.


Dan L. said...

Let us all, and very often, question those in power. I do, and so also has my country....from separation from England, to the forever long line of presidents.

My opinions are easily known, to those that seek, but that is not why I am here.

I want Koos to know that I am fascinated by his visit to Polish coal country. Maybe, as I grow to the older side of things, I, too, will become more in touch with such things. I already am that way, but Koos gives a peek into the future of that, sorta, so I am intrigued...'cause I already am...sorta that way too.

Is it simply ageing married men? Is it just a sharp guy in Holland? Can it maybe be the future of a sort of slightly younger guy in California?

Stay tuned!

...but VallyP has ALL the answers...she is on the insider track you know.

...As is my own wife.

...I should ask her, too!

--Dan L.

Koos F said...

These last two comments make my day. Thanks Paul and Dan.

I'll try to clarify about Poland. At a very early age I was a sentimental old fool already, always yearning for places that had around them the smell of yesterday. And smells are such strong memory vehicles. The coal smoke I smell around here stands for the smell our own coal stove on board the barge, so I fall for that at once.

But there is one memory, that is the key to my ramblings these days.
I saw the darkness, the industry and coal heaps in the Ruhr Area and said to my father: "Dad, this is beautiful".
It still is.

Dan, I hope I'll be around long enough to prepare you for what it is to be a hundred.

About Val and Cruz, the expression 'Men know, women understand' comes to mind.