Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Change of weather

Change of weather
Today, July 7 2009, we had a change of weather that was quite violent. Nothing unusual after weeks of glorious weather. Especially here in the South-West it comes on full blast with heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. A feast for the eye and the camera - as long as I keep the camera dry, that is.


grace said...

I love these pictures. But I hope you guys are safe in the violent weather.

VallyP said...

Super impressive images Koosje! The second one is a particular favourite.

It really has been very stormy hasn't it?

Dan L. said...


Wow, great photos!


Why the violence? Get the government involved! End the carnage! Violent weather is now under the gun....oops, bad word, gun.

By the way....I heard that a group of major countries...including my own USA, have agreed to prevent the world's temperature from rising 3.6 degrees F. between now and the year whatever it was they said.

Are we now Roman Gods? Can we now dictate the world's temperament? Nice to see these guys have a handle on the forces of nature. I suggest they legislate limits on earthquakes. Maybe we need help with food, fuel, and swine flu too. Glad to hear they have a grip on such as averting the next ice age, or even heat age....yeah, right.

--Dan L.

Koos F said...

Dan, you are my hero, a shining light of sanity in a world gone bonkers, haywire or just plan mad.

String said...

I love your photography...maybe it was due to the volcanic eruption in Russia!

Dale said...

Hi Koos!

Oh, what beautiful clouds!
I love it when they turn that blue-grey with eerie little wisps hanging down just before the storm.

The first week I was in my new house, we were rocked with fantastic thunder and lightning storms that rolled up and down the valley for several days. It was a pretty spectacular view from my place on the hillside overlooking the lake and valley. Thunder in the mountains is quite an experience - John Entwistle comes to mind. lol!

I imagine you are doing well aboard LUXOR now that Val has free rein/reign?


Dale said...

lol Dan!

Where's the thermostat?

Lannio said...

A change in weather is a common theme for us folks living in Toronto. Sunny one minute and then torrential rain storms with the street lights on the next minute!

Oh, and stunning images comme toujours!


E.L. Wisty said...

Very very pleasing usage of lines here. Superb!