Sunday, August 02, 2009

Station for sale

Imagine, twice every hour a diesel train comes past, a real level crossing nextdoor, the river Scheldt only a few hundred meters away. What a place to live!
Station for sale
No idea how much the Belgian Railways want for it, and how much it would cost to restore the building, but hey, I can dream, can't I?

Station Gavere-Asper
Commuter train between Ronse and Ghent St-Pieters

Barge on the river nearby.


VallyP said...

Oh yes, Koosje. The only thing wrong is that it isn't quite close enough to the canal, otherwise it's perfect!

Anne-Marie said...

I think it would be smashing to have the kind of money to buy a building like that and convert it into a home. We almost did the same thing (we being myself, my sister, my brother, and Rob) with an old country church in Port Dover last summer. The actual price was really cheap, but the money pit would have come from the renovations. Still, it might have been interesting...

Can you find out how much they want? Maybe the buyer gets rail passes thrown in.


Dale said...

What a beautiful old stone station!
Here in Canada they seem to be a thing of the past.
Our station in Invermere was taken out by some rail cars during a de-railment. It has never been replaced...

E.L. Wisty said...

Who knows, maybe it's quite cheap?

Lannio said...

It's a lovely old building. In the country town where my elder brother lives, someone bought the old railway station and turned it into a restaurant. Actually many old (but wooden) rail stations have gone that way. Alas, they aren't as beautiful as the one in this pic.

Hey Val, I guess you have to pick your mode of transportation - by water or by rail. (or maybe by air to visit Toronto, hint hint)


Koos F said...

Strange, I can't find the estate agent, let alone the price anywhere on the net.

If we ever go to Toronto, it'll be full circle for me. First time since 1971 I'd be able to visit my brother in Kitchener ON.who