Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's a very small post ;-)

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String said...

I love your photographic perspective, excellent!

Lannio said...

Perhaps a small post, but as they say "a picture says a thousand words" and this is the case here. It makes me think about how some things change, yet how they also say the same. thanks for sharing.


Koos F said...

I love these loving comments.
Thanks String & Lesley.

grace said...

small post, but mighty inside. I enjoyed these photos. Especially the city night scenes. I see alot of green lighting used at night in those.
Nice photos as always Koos.

Dale said... small I almost missed it.

I especially like the photos taken at dusk and after dark. There is a certain vibrancy about the place.
You have the knack of making a photo of something quite mundane stand out.
I wish I could read Polish!