Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just three more from Richmond

Mary Beth wrote: I wish we had more pictures!
So especially for our faithful friend from Ottawa these pictures I took in Richmond, September 2005.

Half hidden behind a tree, dead center of the image (clik to enlarge): The Wick again.
Jerry Hall lives 'across the street' all the way against the left edge of the image. The house is wrapped and scaffolded for maintenance.
I took this picture during a boat trip on the river (of course, barge owners do that). However, we weren't aware yet of where which house stood. We found out later after Googling.

On The Hill we discovered this exceptionally cute little Nissan. I don't know who drives it, but why don't you guess? Found it in front of what later turned out to be The House In Question.

As a bonus one of many Dutch barges on the Thames.
Oliekop? A Dutch word no doubt. Dictionary says: Nutty Professor. Do I need to go to Richmond to learn new words in my mother tongue?
A similar thing happened to me in France. A barge was called Butskop. I had no clue what that meant. The French owner explained to me that it was some kind of fish. The next time I saw the word was in the news about a whale on the Thames in London...


Erik-Jan said...

The Nissan looks like a real classic. Weren't they called Datsun those days. You did write once before about a Nissan in Richmond....and the details (white pillars) on the left remind me of a familiar entrance....
Kind regards,

erik-jan said...

b.t.w. I like the "Oliekop".
There are quite some Dutch barges on the Thames. I wonder if they were left there by Dutch refugies during WWII. They crossed the Channel in anything at the time.

Koos F said...

Hi Erik-Jan
'T is the Nissan Figaro, a limited edition retro design of 1991.
Only available with right-hand steering.
Daihatsu do a similar thing with their Copen.

You might have a point about Dutch barges crossing the English Channel, but the way I understand it most of them were just imported.

Mary Beth said...

Wow, thanks for posting more pictures, Koos! :) It looks like a beautiful area forsure. On the first search in your Google link, I can see it behind that Petersham hotel also.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh??!

ADAM said...

Hello Koos,

How are you? Well I hope.

I've just got DSL so I'm back on the net once more but 40 times as fast.
I've been working hard so I've not had chance to keep up with my blog site for a while but, with a bit of luck I should have some more time now.

Keep in touch, be happy


elena said...

Hi Koos,

How are you?? Thank you for the photos, I've never seen it before...
Yo soy el alumno, usted es el profesor / la profesora...ha,ha, yes it is correct...where did you learn it??


Mike S said...

Lovely photos,Koos! So you were
at Voorburg show?Very cool indeed.
Do you have the DVD?Thanks for
commenting on the Moonie pics,they
are from a book called Classic
Performances of The Who taken by a man named Stewart Hellman.The show
was Forest Hills NY 1971.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for your 'extras' on my comments, Koos!! That made my day! :)

It's so interesting to see stuff like that - like having a peek inside another world for me. I guess it's both fascinating and shocking at the same time how technology allows us to 'spy' from above. Now if I could only find out the London address of my favourite actor, then I could see his place from above too. LOL!

Anthonetta said...

Hi Koos,
Very nice the oliekop, I never heard the word eather. But a good name for a ship like that.
see you around,

Dale said...

Dear Koos

I am so glad that you posted more lovely photos from the Thames!!

I should have known, but really had no idea, how beautiful the Richmond area really is...

There are no old, large home around here to match those of your photos. I live in the Canadian west, which was settled relatively recently. I grew up in Montreal & my Mum grew up in the Westmount area - amazing big, old, stone, ivy-bound magnificent mansions to be found there!

You are very fortunate to have such an uncoventional mode of transport. It allows you to see views from such different angles.

I'll call it "barge-stalking on the Thames"...
Trust me, I'd be there, too, if I could!

Please keep the wonderful photos coming!