Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pink's Next

As a true paparazzo I couldn't help spying on the chap who sprays Rachel's Volkswagen camper pink. Wonder why he sprayed the license plate too.

This is the artwork for my soon to be released album of home made tunes. A very original image indeed!
It took me a while to find an appropriate slag heap (this shows you where it is, on Multimap) with concrete bits sticking out to wee against.
I did not use water from a bottle to make the spot look bigger. I just enhanced things a little in Photoshop. After all this is the 21st century...

You can read about Rachel Fuller on her blogpages, where among other things she tells that she is getting her VW camper repainted to pink. My picture above is of that very camper on its home turf, repainted virtually (thank you, Photoshop).
The so-called album cover artwork is a 'piss-take' on the Who's Next album cover. I found the slag heap Sunday January 29, 2006. I do make and produce my own music for you to download here.
All photos Koos Fernhout


Justin Kreutzmann said...

sneak preview

Ron said...

Hi Koos,

Love the art for your new album, I am sure I have seen that concept somewhere else, early 70's perhaps? :-)

Still no luck learning Dutch, although my English is coming along a little better, even if my spelling leaves a lot to be desired...LOL

Good Luck


Anne-Marie said...

Hee Koos,
I love the new album art. :)


Dale said...

Dear Koos

I love your sense of humour!
"Koos Next"...

Great paint job - my husband just closed down his auto body & paint shop...

BTW you've been tagged!
Post 5 things we should know about you.

Take care.


word verification: wbzVWj

Koos F said...

Thanks Anne-Marie!
Don't you think we should hire Dale for copywriting?
Koos Next! why don'y I think of that?

Brilliant, Dale, and as usual the simplest punchline is the hardest.

The word verification with VW in it.
I love it.
Coincidence? Yes, I believe in coincidence (and also in selective perception). That is one of five things people should know about me. I'll tag four others to list the other things, okay?

Alecia said...

Excuse me - we havn't met but did you pee on that pipe?! Nice homage to Who's Next!

Koos F said...

Oops Alecia
(Blushing): must have. One moment it was dry and the other it wasn't. Remember thinking "Homo Sapiens Non Urinat In Ventum" (a wise man does not pee against the wind) - as you can imagine there was a strong wind at the top of a slag heap.

elizabeth solaka said...