Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Special Houses

The busloads of tourists don't come to the Oude Haven in Rotterdam to look at the White House. No misunderstanding, the special cube-shaped houses below are the real stars!

Talking about stars, most of us know that Pete and Rachel live in a house called 'The Wick' in Richmond. We are free to go and see this special house from the public road.
Ever wondered what it looks like from the back? Wonder no longer, here it is at the time the famous Mills family still lived on the Hill.

Juliet, Jonathan and Hayley Mills, rear of The Wick on Richmond Hill, ca 1951
Photo thanks to the maker of the site where you arrive when following this link.

The orange circle, top left on the map below, marks The Boat House studio with the Dutch Barge on the Thames, the circle bottom right The Wick.


E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Koos,

I didn't actually know the house where Pete and Rachel live! So thank you. Though I don't think I will be going to see it now that I know...

You posted in my blog about the Psychoderelict DVD. I commented back in my blog but addition to that: it crossed my mind that perhaps they were going to release it everywhere in November but then changed their mind for one reason or other and withdrew the copies from the market. Perhaps the information didn't reach the stores we bought our copies from , and so they were selling the DVD. Then again, I'm not very familiar with the marketing systems, specifically whether it's common practise to put a DVD or CD on sale in continental Europe much earlier than in the UK.

Erik-Jan said...

So this is the same as
but seen from the other side?
Maybe I'm confused.
Kind regards,

Koos F said...

Hi Erik-Jan
I've extended the message for your orientation. It is fun to do. Just shout is any further clarification is needed.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
I did previously understand that the building behind the barge is Pete's home and the same place where the 'Basement Jam' took place. Now it seems he has to ride a bike to get there...and where was the Jam?

Koos F said...

It's confusing, innit?
The main studio, Oceanic, is in the Boat House right next to the river, downstream (North) of Richmond lock. In the Attic came from there, so did In the Basement. Annex to that is a floating studio in the Dutch tjalk on the river, see also the Who's Next documentary DVD.
At one of the BJ special guest visits he arrived there after a bike ride indeed, due to traffic congestion.
The Wick, Pete's home, is on Richmond Hill ('The people on The Hill they think I'm crazy, but when they sleep I sing and dance). The house is where Pete made the 'Poised' movie, mainly in his Home Studio (yes, studio number 3 in this story).

Dale said...

Hi Koos

You are so full of interesting "Pete" facts!
I didn't know that my favourite child star from my own youth once lived at "The Wick".
I have never been to London, nor anywhere else east across the Atlantic, but I have been west & way south across the Pacific.
See the new post on my blog, if you get a chance.
It's nice to get a perspective different to that of mine way over here in the north of North America!

Take care.

Mary Beth said...

Wow, this is so interesting! It puts things into perspective when you can see where Basement Jam and In the Attic came from. I'd never seen Pete's house before - I wish we had more pictures! It's beautiful. Thanks Koos!

Anne-Marie said...

Very nice post, Koos. I like the Richmond pictures, as I've been there. You can also get a lovely view of the back of the Wick from the Petersham Hotel, if you can make your way in there without getting caught. ;)

The Boathouse is quite a walk from the Wick, but it's a great walk on a good day.


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

And here's another shot of the front of Pete's 'ouse:

(got this one off a newswire service)