Saturday, April 29, 2006


Today is Queen's Day. In fact it isn't, it's the day before Queen's Day, but that's on a Sunday, the Day of the Lord, so we are pragmatic, we celebrate the queen's birthday a day earlier - or a day later, whatever costs less. In fact it is not the queen's birthday, but the late queen mother's (Juliana's) birthday. Our current queen (Beatrix) doesn't mind, her real birthday is in January, winter, unfit for public celebration. She is pragmatic too, our queen Beatrix.

A celebration it is. We all have great fun. We express our fun by wearing funny orange things, because our queen is of the House of Orange.

Great fun too, is the fact that once a year we, the people, are free to sell whatever we have failed to throw away. We don't have to pay for that right, so many of us leap at the chance.

We live in a modern country, so we play modern music for the occasion. All day long the air is filled with the steady thump thump thump of modern house music, especially in the Oude Haven, where we live.

We all love our Royal Family, of course. Business people know that, so this billboard, saying "After Eden loves..." was put up especially for the occasion. Orange sells, it would seem.

This year the German football team will win the world cup, because they organise the tournament. Holland will be beaten in the final, in spite of the Dutch supporters wearing funny German soldiers' helmets with slogans like "Aanvalluh!!!" (attack, spelled phonetically, which is great fun). The authorities consider forbidding these helmets, they might evoke unpleasant feelings about the Second World War.

Must rush now, tonight we're seeing Bonnie Raitt, supported by Foy Vance, in Utrecht.

PS We're back from the concert in Utrecht. More orange during the concert: Foy Vance started his performance wearing an orange feather boa... Fortunately it was so itchy that he took it off after a few seconds. Pics of Foy Vance on Vally P's blog.


ernie said...

|first comment on this post|

Hey Koos!
I watched a bit of 'koninginnendag' it's quite a lot in Holland, right?
1 May is 'dag van de arbeid' (day of work) in Belgium, then we're having a day of :)

Greets Elke!

Dale said...

Dear Koos

Are you talking about Queen Elizabeth II?
Or do you have a Queen of The Netherlands?
Considering you mentioned how Orange she is, I am to assume it is, indeed QE...

We celebrate Victoria Day here in Canada to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.
It is always the last Monday in May, whether it's her day or not.
...I like that "depending upon which costs less"!
This year it falls upon my son's 10th birthday.

If it is Queen Elizabeth's Day this weekend in Holland, then my post is incorrect, as I have her birthdate as being April 21, 1926.

Please set me straight!

Orange you glad you took all those lovely photos, Koos?


Koos F said...

Hi Elke,
So you followed the festivities on Dutch tv I presume, you being so close to the Dutch border!
Have fun on Labour Day, if there is a celebration at all?

Hello Dale,
I have edited the first paragraph of my queen's day post to clarify who is who. Luckily the British royal family has no say in the Netherlands.
As usual you take the language to a different level: 'orange' as a way of saying 'or aren't you'.
MyVal is now posting images of Foy Vance and two extremely colourful 'queens' we met in Utrecht. Recommended.

Dale said...

Thanks Koos!

You'd think I'd know that, but I guess some things just slip by me!

One thing I've learned is that, if you don't ask questions, you won't learn anything.
I've learned many things by reading your posts - you always have something interesting to say.

And if I have a blonde moment, I can count on you to set me straight!


Koos F said...

Hi Dale,
I've never thought of these things as blonde moments. I was me who was set straight, assuming that people across the world will know what our queen's name is (a subjct for Trivial Pursuit in the first place).

Anne-Marie said...

it's not 1974, you know. The German footballers will get nowhere as usual. Then again, England just lost their striker Wayne Rooney today with an injury, it looks bad all around for them, so maybe the Germans have a chance.We will be watching the final in a British pub somewhere in London. Can't wait!

I love your pictures. So orange! And I'm glad you had a great time at the concert tonight. I saw the pics on Val's blog.


Mary Beth said...

HI Koos,

Happy Queen's Day! Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. I never knew you had this tradition of wearing orange for the House of Orange - how interesting and fitting! There is something so wonderful about a country coming together like this for a special day - it reminds me of all the red and white on Canada Day.

So, did you and Val choose to take advantage of the free selling day to de-clutter, or rather were you the ones looking for hidden treasures in other people's sales??

Dale said...


It's odd that you metioned Trivial Pursuit...
When I made my comment I had trivia in mind.
I love trivia & do not think it trivial in the least.

My husband always wants me on his team when we play the game Trivial Pursuit.


son said...

Hi Koos,

I love the german attack helmet. Is there a defensive helmet as well? And did the German soldiers in WW II change helmets when they were forced back? :-)

ps: I know in Amsterdam they have a day off with 'dag van de arbeid'

Kid Ric said...

Hiya, Koos,

Wow! Bonnie Raitt, supported by Foy Vance? I love Bonnie and have taken a particular fancy to Foy also. You lucky dog you.

Good seeing you today at Molly's.

Peace, love and light my friend,

Ron said...

Hi Koos,

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the show, we went to see Foy and Bonnie in Birmingham in April and they both put on a brilliant show.

I actually purchased the tickets to see Foy, then when I was investigating I saw hw was supporting Bonnie and killed two birds with one stone :-)

We had a great night, and would love to go see Foy again, have to thank Pete and Rachel for intoducing him to me at Basement Jam, otherwise I would never have heard his music.

Take care Koos, all the best