Monday, May 01, 2006

This is for a woman who loves old tractors

It's a John Deere, dear.


VallyP said...

I wonder who that might be, Koosje??? xxx

Marietta said...

I've no idea who or what you're talking about, LOL

Just came by to say hi and I'll probably be on the chat tomorrow, hurrah!

See ya,

Koos F said...

The woman who loves old tractors recognised herself and was the first to leave a comment.
Will be fun to have you on the chat tomorrow, Marietta! Good for you, that company doesn't own you completely hey?


Koos F said...

John Deere is a tractor brand

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
A friend of mine and his wife own two old Porsche tractors.
Nice to see. They are from the early sixties. (2 cyl. diesel)
Maybe the main reason is the can say: "I own a Porsche" ;-)
They will go on holiday with them though......

Dale said...

Deere Koos

What a dear John Deere!

I used to work for a farm implement manufacturing company that had to make special arrangements to paint their product John Deere green.
What a pain, considering most farm equipment is red...

What a deere post...


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Nothing runs like a Deere.



Lipstick Addiction said...

I like old tractors...I think? lol

PTfan said...


I didn't know Porsche made tractors!

Why lately does word verification have a handicap symbol by it????

Dale said...

PTfan - these blogs are now wheelchair accessible...

Have a great weekend, Koos!


Dale said...


I could sit & watch that wee tractor go back & forth all day...

...but I have work to do!


Koos F said...

Hi all
At one time I noticed the tractor 'remained in its shed', so that explains why Marietta had no idea what this post was about.

I hope someone does a photo report on the people who will go on holiday with their Porsche tractors. They are quite rare I think.

There is always a special angle to your comments, like most agricultural equipment being red. It takes a Dale to pull these things out of the sub-conscious.

As usual you trigger the unusual thought: run like a deere -> a run deer (=Dutch 'rendier' = run animal). Compare this with rain deer (as opposed to sun deer?).
It is all so confusing, that is what I like about life.

Hi Lipstick ad,
Good to see you here, albeit incognito!

I'm sure you've clicked on the wheel chair by now. Clever number verification.
Mr Lamborghini, a successful entrepreneur, started building his fast cars more or less as a hobby. His core business? Agricultural equipment, tractors a.o.!

I simply love Dale's explanation of the wheelchair symbol. Makes sense, Dale!

Mucho Love

Anne-Marie said...

Oh Koos,
You give me far too much credit. "Nothing runs like a Deere" is the slogan for Deere tractors in Canadian ads. We can transfer clever credits to their copywriters, okay?

Have a great week!