Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Listen to the music - of a paddle steamer

The paddle steamer 'De Majesteit' features a real steam engine, a sight to see for the passengers, because they can look into the engine room through a huge panorama window.

Steam, used for propulsion, is also available to play a steam organ.
This organ is so loud that it can be heard for literally miles around. So I jumped on my bike to make sure I could share this experience with my friends the world over.
This is not a unique European feature; I have come across internet sites about American paddle steamers with similar organs - and similar trouble to get them properly tuned.

Two movies below:
25 seconds, low quality image and sound, 280 KB, pleasant for dial-up connections;
1 minute 18 sec, higher quality image and sound, 6.7 MB, different tune and well worth the longer download time, I think.


elizabeth solaka said...

You spoil us, Koos! That's the most darling movie.

Ben R said...

Hi Koos!

Near to us in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire is the Carters Steam fair. It is a mobile fair, with steam engines powering most of the rides. The galloping horses roundabout is powered by a centre-engine (steam), which also powers an organ.


PS - I finally took the plunge and have bought a Nikon DSLR (D50), along with an 18-55 and a 55-200mm lens. Must learn how to use it before the Royal International Air Tattoo in July!

Anne-Marie said...

Aww, it has such a cute, tinny sound. Thanks for putting this up for us.


Koos F said...

Elizabeth, need I explain what a pleasure it gives me to see a subject popping up that I can spoil my friends in this parallel world with?
While at the same time people in the 'real' world hardly show they've seen what I've discovered to show to you. The steamer is a beautiful exception. During my filming, the music playing, people were leaving the ship and each and every one of them had a smile on their face!

Ben, I am excited on your behalf. I wish for you to always find your camera hungry for images, so you only have to press the shutter and change lenses.
Oh and remember to always carry a spare battery!
I was just waiting for the Carters Steam Fair site to have a movie on their site, but alas.

Cute it was, Anne-Marie, ear splitting too. Next time you'll see me with these yellow plugs in my ears to keep my right ear-drum from rattling.

elena said...

Hey Koos, wonderful movie, hehe, thanks for posting!!!

I missed you on Tuesday.....I didn't know those lyrics you posted on my blog, haha.



Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
I could not recognice a PT composition but it has its charm also.
P.S. All info around your and Val's blog has changed to dutch.
Like 'Laat een reaktie achter' instead of 'Leave a comment'
How come?

Koos F said...

Just an assumption Erik-Jan: someone with access to your computer changed the language from English to Dutch (although I am positively against the spelling of the word reaktie).

Erik-Jan said...

Oops....'reactie' off-course.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
At they modified their software so they figure out where you are. Maybe through the ISP?Only at the comments page though.
Even at RF's blog the comments section is translated in Dutch! Aarch !!!!Looks impossible to change this. Will be hard for foreigners!!!At they are probably very proud of this achievement.

Koos F said...

That's bad, Erik-Jan, sounds like another case of improved beyond repair. Strange thing is it does not affect my place at all.
Indeed, I couldn't change to Dutch if I wanted to, it isn't listed...

Beats me.