Thursday, May 25, 2006

We have the Tickets

While I am posting this, Vally P quotes Ian G's post on the same subject (live - we're in the same room): Emmylou Harris (and Mark Knopfler).
That is not all. While she reads, I play Deeper Well, the song Ian mentions as an example of Emmylou's art. How's that for Coincidence?


ian gordon said...

Wow, great poster. I don't think they have one up in Nottingham yet, but then again Emmylou's appearance here is towards the end of the tour and i don't think Mark Knopfler is involved in that bit.

Speaking of "Deeper Well" I've been listening to the outtakes of that album, which has about three alternative songs. No doubt you're aware of it. If not, use the "search blogs" facility... Naughty I know, but as I've purchased the available CDs I don't feel so bad.

Keep the faith.

Koos F said...

Wow Ian, you are fast!
Thanks for tipping, plus a stimulant for me to go after Emmylou's latest album.

The posters are all over Rotterdam - or we would have missed it! Soon they will be gone, hence the pic.

I too have a big stack of her CDs: happy to contribute to this artist's wealth.

By the way, did you see the Oceanic Concerts by Emmylou, Kate and Anna McGarrigle and many others, broadcast by the BBC I think. Maybe there is a dvd available? That would be heaven.


elena said...

Hi koos,

Wow, wonderful poster....I love Mark Knopfler, and I'm a little bit sad as they are playing only in Barcelona. I hope you will enjoy the concert.



Koos F said...

Really really sorry for you Elena, Barcelona is so out of the way for a Madrilena, and the poster rubs it in: For One Night Only!
Have you got their album? It's a beauty, my favourite song being 'This is us'. Don't hesitate buying it, my honest advice.

gypsy noir said...

mark knopfler is from near where i live about 10 miles...same accent almost..

Dale said...

Dear Koos

I love Mark Knopfler! I am a huge fan of Dire Straights - great name, too.

I am not that familiar with Ms. Harris, but it would be interesting seeing them in concert together.

Lucky You!


PS Speak up Gypsy - I can't hear your accent...

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
I do agree with Dale. Can't hardly imagine them playing together but it sure would be interesting.
Keep us posted!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Lucky you to be going to this.

I love Mark Knopfler. The last time he was around these parts, he had that motorcycle accident that forced a cancellation of his shows. :(


Suesjoy said...

whoa! excellent show to be had!
I really love both artists, but I don't have very many of their much little time to hear it ALL!
Enjoy the show!