Friday, May 19, 2006

Very much my day, and Val's, and Pete's

This is a quick one to make up for more than a week's silence, very unusual.

Today is Val's birthday...

...and Pete Townshend's, in that order.

I just walked into Val's place. She was playing 'Dr Jimmy and Mr Jim' of the Quadrophenia album. It brought tears to the eyes of both of us. What lucky people we are to have so much beauty at our disposal.

Talking about beauty, I love the Dutch Railways clock I am allowed to use on this blogpage.
If you like it too, why don't you come and see it full-screen.
Photos Koos Fernhout


elena said...

Hi Koos,

Happy Birthday to Val and Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today has been a good day, I'm happy..
Wow, I love the clock, hahaha, thanks a lot for posting.



PTfan said...

I agree with the order that you list the b-days.
Happy Birthday dear Val!!!!!!!!

I love the clock too. What I love most is that it is exactly on time!

Dale said...

Happy Birthday to Val & Pete!
I will watch the clip once our company is all gone.

My son turns 10 on Sunday & his birthday party is Saturday.
It is the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada & it's nut in town - remember, we live in a tourist town...

We have lots of friends from Calgary out visiting & it's been fun & late nights.

I love your Dutch history - it's so much older than ours...

Suesjoy said...

Cool clock!
I told Val that you are a very lucky man, but I'm sure it works both ways!
You are my new favorite blogger, thanks to your excellent taste in music! :)
I am SO excited - I am flying to NYC for the Rufus/Judy Garland Tribute - so I will also see Martha and Kate! I have never seen Kate and I'm ecstatic, really. The McGarrigles never come to CA. Do you have the McGarrigle Hour? One of my fave cds of all time!
I am also rooting for the Netherlands to win the World Cup (ok mostly because my husband bought me a NL football shirt).
Such a traitor. Oh well, I'm a realist!
(Do you follow football?).
Take care Koos!
Sue D.

Dale said...

Those trains have to run on time - now I know how that is possible.

That clock is really neat.

Mo and Cas said...

Have a great day Koos

elizabeth solaka said...

I like the clock. It's a beauty.

Metalchick said...

Hi Koos,
Just checkin out other blogs I haven't been to yet.

Happy Birthday to Val and Pete!

elizabeth solaka said...

Have you heard of Chelsea Clocks, made in the USA? Surely you have? They replaced the pendulum, with their Ship's Bell clock. (I just looked it up.) My friend has one. And the sound of the bell is absolutley lovely.
Have a nice day Koos.

Suesjoy said...

Hi Koos-
I didn't know Anna Lanken lived in California. I thought she lived near Toronto. Maybe she has 2 houses...
Do you have the McGarrigle Hour dvd by any chance?
I really need to buy that, one of these days. Put it on my wish list, I guess!
Take care,
Sue D.

Koos F said...

Hi Sue,
In the posting before the one you responded to I used the word 'sue' in the legal version... and there you pop up. Was surely meant to be ;-)

A few years ago I asked Anna about a chord progression in Complainte pour Ste Catherine. Her email address was at the server, and that's where my misunderstanding came from. Not California, but Canada.

Sorry for the misleading info.
Thanks for telling me about the dvd. Did'nt know it existed, have placed an order, expected in about 4 weeks.

gypsy noir said...

koos dont want to worry you..but val is now a member of our new religeous cult DERELICTÉ CHIC..the ferrion sect.....but i think your safe as you have a bit of it going on...and we will look after her for you...

gypsy noir said...

oh dales a member too..

Koos F said...

Not to worry: I am a Professional and Trusted Cult Victim Deprogrammer. You've seen me at work in Texas, so watch out, I can be rather fiery.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I can see from Val's blog that you had a most excellent weekend. We used to have jam sessions at our staff parties a few years back, when there were enough informal musicians among us. Alas, too many have moved on to other schools or retirement.

I love the clock!


Barry & Jodie said...

Hi Koos,

I was sort of expecting a post on your 12-string guitar. But where-o-where is it?


Anthonetta said...

Hi Koos I'm glad to hear that it's your day again.
I know how it feels to get tears in your eyes when you hear very special music, even better when you can share it.
Hope you enjoy it and each other!
It was nice to have your hands on deck ,
When we left the "helling"