Saturday, May 27, 2006

Extra! Extra!

Do yourself 4 favours: follow these links to listen to a rare version of Tommy (or right-click and save target)
Download Side 1 (19.6MB)
Download Side 2 (16.9MB)
Download Side 3 (12.0MB)
Download Side 4 (16.3MB)


Erik-Jan said...

Read all about it!!
Didn't know it was extremely rare.
I was at a point in those days to buy it. I didn' the way.
I sort of disliked it at the time.
Sounds great today. So time to re-listen the whole thing!!!

Suesjoy said...

Love it love it love it love it love it!
Of course I love the original too.
I used to listen to a 45 of what I think is the London Symphony Orchestra version of Overture...I think...
Yeah I'd love to hear the whole thing.
I posted a response to your wonderful comment.
I'm going to NYC in June (but it's kind of a secret - I don't want to upset east coast relatives whom I may not be able to visit. I probably will, but things get out of control in the planning stages, so I'd rather Surprise them!).
Ok way too much info. I'm sure you didn't need to hear that!
OH and I'm going to see Teddy Thompson for FREE in Central Park - do you like him? Richard Thompson's son? Martha W.'s producer produced his new cd also and it's excellent.
I need to buy it from Rhapsody.

Koos F said...

In all fairness I can't be objective about this version of Tommy. I more or less 'grew up' with it.
Only a year or two ago I bought the original. It was like changing over from a very rich dark red wine to an almost bitter-dry white wine - but then what a brilliant taste in its own right. I love both versions now, but I'm more emotionally attached to the one I've posted here.

I'm really happy it goes down so well in Taiwan and in Naarden. That many other places may follow.

Errr Sue, is that Richard an Linda Thompson? Suppose it helps if I listen to Fairport Convention then? Or is this totally off the mark?
Free concert? Good for you!

ernie said...

uuuuuuuuuuuh KNOPFLER!!!

kwijl kwijl...

have fun seeing him!

greets Elke!

ernie said...

en tuurlijk wille we meer horen!!


Koos F said...

Yep Elke
Just reload the page and you'll get the four links, one for each side of the double album

gypsy noir said...

koos ive been whileing away the evening listning to the tracks you linked and its been bloody marvelous thankyou...oooh and thankyou for the wonderful pic of yourself im smileling..>:0)

Dale said...


You get more handsome every day!

You quite resemble Adonis in your new id photo...

I will need LOTS of time to download these Tommys. It's going to take my computer almost 2 hours for one side.

I might have to take your word on it or maybe load them at work if I have a chance.

Dale - the real me.

ian gordon said...

Oh boy does this bring back memories.

When I was an art student I had a cassette copy of this. Me and my "Who obsessed" flat mate used to leave it playing as we went to sleep. Ritchie Havens, what amazing voice! I still play his albums.

Thanks for the links. Tonight the download, tomorrow the CD!

ian gordon said...

Just dropped by again to thank you for that other favour. Very very much appreciated.

I shall let you know in the future if I ever locate the exact family concerned. Meanwhile, if I now delete those details to protect their privacy, please rest assured i have all the information and results of your work filed away on my pc. Thanks again!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Thanks so much for putting these up! I am in the middle of report card madness, but I will definitely give it a listen next week!

I hope you're having a great weekend.


Koos F said...

Hi Ian,
Ah, that's thoughtful of you, protecting the privacy of the people concerned. I hope you're successful finding out the rest of the story!

Hi Anne-Marie,
Lots of courage with your big task.
I'll leave the files on the server for a bit. Strange that the record companies don't provide us with new copies after selling out the old. 't Is not as if this is obscure stuff!

Marietta said...

I have never heard that version and looking around for it. I couldn't even find it on ebay.
I will save it on my hard drive and listen to it on the way to work.

Thank you so much for uploading it!


Koos F said...

Hi Marietta
A comment like yours is of the type that makes me really happy.
Thanks for that.

Koos F said...

In the early seventies Tommy had been around for a while, but I never got around to buying the original album.
When the version performed by a super cast and The London Symphony Orchestra came out. I bought it at once. My friends hated it.
In a way time proved me right: the original version can be found everywhere, the version featured here is extremely rare and worth its weight in gold.
Enjoy the authentic vinyl crackles!